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"It will be as hard as it is today"

claudinei oliveira

Photo: Rosiron Rodrigues / GEC

One of the two winners in this first round was Goias after beating Fluminens in Maracana, ahead of 17,000 fans. In addition to victory outside the home, Emerald had to take punishment, handle VAR, rain, dented field and ball possession. Eventually, Claudinei Oliveira coached David Duarte, who came out with a rap, Rafael Vaz, who missed the winning goal.

“Leadership was just for him. We do not know what will happen in the game, any ball will stop in the middle, enjoy a kick, the field is wet and happy. After the game, I spoke in the round that he was granted to maintain humility. He was a captain and left the team. A player who plays virtually every game, ”Claudinei Oliveira said.

Another sportsman who was decisive in the match was the debutant goalkeeper Tadeu. Goiás 23 shirt got a Lucian penalty in the first half. "He didn't feel the debut, not just because he took the punishment." It was very important when people needed it most. We have to appreciate the group, the player as a whole, ”says Emerald coach.

Goias still scored 30 & # 39; in Leandro Barcia after receiving a corner to the left of the attack. The judge saw the emerald attacker who sent Lucian to the top. Claudinei Oliveira commented that the referee had not consulted VAR.

"I said the penalty kick", as soon as the ball comes out, it will impose a penalty on Fluminens. For us from the bank, it seemed to prevent Bruno. It's something that's there, we have to learn to live with VAR. For those who are on the field and for athletes, it is difficult to understand in our goal that has been canceled that the referee was not there to look, ”he contemplates.

The next challenge will be mid week in Goiânia, at 9:30 pm, against another tricolor, paulista. "Wednesday (1) will be as demanding as today." We need our fans not to support and understand it, ”he concludes.

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