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Justice Rio de Janeiro removes Mayor of Belford Roxo, Waguinho | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

Judge RJ decided to remove Mayor of Belford Roxo, Wagner dos Santos Carneiro, Waguinho (MDB). He is one of the goals of Operation Methane, which seeks to remove nine other people from his duties, between servers and secretaries, on Tuesday (30). The politician is forbidden to enter the seat of government.

Another of the 25 investigated is Public Prosecutor Marcio Canella (MDB), former Deputy Mayor of Belford Roxo. He may serve his term in the Alerj, but is forbidden by justice to visit any premises of the City Hall of Belford Roxo or to maintain contact with the accused.

The MP confirms that the Waguinho group has committed crimes of a criminal organization, concussion, licensing fraud, illegal licensing and embezzlement.

Belford Mayor Roxo is removed from office

Belford Mayor Roxo is removed from office

The Task Force of the Attorney General's General Attorney's Crime Group (Gaocrim / MP) to coordinate the investigation of agents with the Civil Police Forum with the support of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-RJ) is also conducting searches and detentions at municipal offices and at suspect addresses. The goal is to keep documents and mobile phones.

The removal of municipal servers was approved by the 2nd Group of Criminal Chambers of the Rio Court.

In addition to Mayor Waguinho and Deputy Marcio Canella, among the 25 convicts are Paulo Sérgio Corrêa Luna, City Secretary for Protection; Bruno de Oliveira Paes Leme Pires, former municipal secretary of work; other Belford Roxo officials and businessmen.

Initially, there were discrepancies in the recruitment of companies to provide services for the collection and transport of municipal waste and their final disposal in landfills. The investigation resulted in inconsistencies in other areas of administrative proceedings, such as public road pavement and real estate rentals by a local executive.

"There has been strong evidence that points out that, through data crossing, there are subjective links between all agents convicted, public and private," MP says.

Public prosecutors report "evidence of serious crimes committed on the public administration of those convicted, responsible for embezzling millionaires in the city's treasury."

Outside their position or function

  1. Wagner dos Santos Carneiro, Mayor of Waguinho;
  2. Paulo Sérgio Corrêa Luna, Secretary of Defense;
  3. Cosmo Thiago da Silva Pereira, trader;
  4. Edinúbia Macena Vieira, pregoeira;
  5. Eduardo Silva de Souza, server;
  6. Jefferson Mariano da Silva, server;
  7. João Batista da Costa, server;
  8. Severino do Ramo Macedo Medeiros, server;
  9. Tassiana Zeferina Servetus;
  10. Waldir Marinho de Oliveira, server.

Search and Catch Goals

  1. André Luiz Santana Leal, Secretary of Government;
  2. Bruno de Oliveira Paes Leme Pires, former Secretary of Labor;
  3. Márcio Correia de Oliveira, secretary of the civic house.

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