Kim Kardashian and the children expel the house on the grove in the USA – 09.11.2018

Kim Kardashian and his family have been panicked for a major fire that has hit the California area in the United States.

A realistic star needed a quick evacuation of his home for an hour with his three children – North, Chicago, and Saint.

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From the window of the plane, Kim Kardashian shows that the burning region in California, the United States Image: Reproduction / Instagram

She just returned from the mission she had given to San Quentin when she was told she would have to leave home with her three children.

On the plane, Kim photographed a window of flames that spread around Los Angeles. After leaving the house, she asked fans: "Pray for Calabasas."

"I just came home and had an hour to take things and evacuate our house, and I pray that everyone will be safe," he said. Kim and rapper Kanye West live in a $ 20 million collection in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles.

In its Instagram, sociality has always been grateful for the efforts of firefighters to mitigate the fire. "Thank you for everything you've done for us," she said. Nearly 30,000 people were evacuated by an explosion that broke out in the morning in northern California, which was passing through the city of Paradise in the last few hours, where homes and public buildings such as churches and schools were completely consumed by flames.

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