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Marcos Mion pronounces a charge against Catia in "The Farm" – 11/28/2018

In the afternoon of Wednesday (28), lecturer Marcos Mion voiced accusations of aggression by Catia Paganote in Evandro Santo. According to Mion, production "A Fazenda 10" is still evaluating the case and the public will know when it will be decided.

"The Big Farm" decision does not accept me, they have very experienced commissions in the reality show to express and decide, evaluate everything that's going on in the program, and when they decide on Catie's situation, you'll know "a moderator on your personal Twitter account .

Catia's alleged attack on Evandro took place during the Akabol activity on Wednesday. In the dispute, former Paquita disagreed with a comedian and eventually sprinkled his head. After the contest ended, Santo said he would not hit the bell and accuse the peons of aggression.

Searched for a UOL, Paganote's press office denied having attacked Evandro and criticized the question of rural reality.

"Editing the program does not even allow her, even when she talked about her health, the record did not show the scene and always focused only on Rafael Island." Evandro grabbed her arm. many times, until he left the game, it was not aggression, "he said in a statement.

Former Panic Advisor Davis Reimberg said for UOL that aggression occurred. "Imagine that Evandro gives this Cap a head, how would it resonate here, even more so if it were a man and a woman?" If this is ruled out, I think it is valid because of aggression. , she was out of control, she lost it, "he said.

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