Maria Zilda Bethlem reveals that Zé de Abreu had bad breath: “It was an unbearable thing”

After talking about “sofa tests” on the Globe, actress Maria Zilda Bethle spoke to actor Murilo Rosa in another of her “lives of joy.” This time, the 67-year-old actress commented on the recordings of Bebé and Bordo (1988) by TV Globo and the dispute she spent with José de Abreu, her romantic partner in the plot.

According to the actress, José de Abreu was in a “very crazy” phase and had bad breath. “It was unbearable,” he fired. “I had a passion.” [na novela]. E [nas cenas] only the figure’s legs appeared, because that was my whole imagination. Until they decided who the actor would be [para interpretar]. It was decided that it would be José de Abreu, “explained Maria, who played the character of Angela.

“He was in a very crazy phase.” I drank too much. And he was so compelling that there were scenes that we tied to the tree with our backs to each other. Did you know that he forced him to put cachaça in his mouth? “The actress revealed.

“So, man, when it was a kissing scene … Damn, a man who smokes a lot.” You know? The question was: have you ever kissed someone with your breath? Already! It was an unbearable thing. He was obviously drinking. Was [cena] external. He was sweaty. There was already the smell of sweat, a cigarette, and a drink. It was an unbearable thing. It was an animal, “said Maria.

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