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No one wanted to buy a giant battery-powered Energizer cell phone.

Photo by Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

In MWC 2019, one of the devices that received more attention was Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. It even has interesting specifications, but what attracted the same attention was the 18,000 mAh battery. Despite the coverage, consumers were not thrilled: the collective financial campaign to fund mobile phone production reached only 1% of the target and was canceled.

The French company Avenir Telecom, which owns the Energizer smartphone brand, has launched a campaign on Indiegogo crowdfunding to obtain equipment guarantees. The company's goal was to reach $ 1.2 million, with pre-sales for $ 549, and to forecast the delivery of products in October 2019.

It didn't work: only 11 people were interested. That's right: eleven. Only $ 15,005 was collected in total. Since the campaign did not achieve this goal, it was canceled and the money will be returned to the supporters.

Photo by Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

Maybe the size of people is scared. There's no miracle: the battery gets only 18,000 mAh of charge if it's big enough. The Energizer P18K Pop looked more like a brick than a mobile phone with a thickness estimated between 30 mm and 40 mm.

To put these numbers into context, most of the smartphones available today have batteries with capacities between 3,000 mAh and 4,000 mAh, and barely more than 10 mm thick.

Energizer P18K Pop has promised to last 200 hours of video playback and 50 days of standby time without returning to the wall socket. It also had specifications largely in line with what is expected from a good smartphone, such as a FullHD screen, 6GB RAM, a triple camera back and double front. By the way, the camera for selfie was in the pop-up mechanism – that is, "Pop" in the device name.

There is learning: people want bigger batteries, yes, but not to the point of buying a gigantic handset.

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