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Paulo Guedes criticizes the FTS decision favorable to Manaus Free Zone | Amazon – Amazonas


Paulo Guedes criticizes the FTS decision favorable to the Manaus Free Trade Zone

According to the Minister of Economy, Supreme makes it difficult to settle the tax when determining the payment of IPI credits on inputs already exempted.

vac_abr_20190416_1431_97D9EB48-7DF9-4643-951A-5FA8D272620A.jpg "src =" "width =" 750 " height = "442" /><p> <span>Photo: Valter Campanato / Agência Brasil</span></p></p></div><p>Economy Minister Paulo Guedes criticized Federal Supreme Court (STF) decision on Monday (29) <strong>who knew</strong>(IPI) for companies from other countries that purchase products or supplies from the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM) in the last week.</p><p>In the case of Guedes, the Supreme Court makes it difficult for fiscal rebalancing to determine the payment of industrial product loans (IPI) to inputs already exempt. "Absolutely, the Most High, who has created another R $ 20 billion to R $ 30 billion hole, makes this solution to the fiscal problem difficult." It's an economic problem. We are witnesses to the judiciary and defense, "he said.</p><p></p><p></p><p>“I will not criticize the Most High from a legal point of view. From an economic point of view, tax refunds that have not been paid do not lead to a solution to the Brazilian fiscal problem, "said the Minister, the Minister of Economy, after meeting with the Chairman of the House of Commons Rodrigo Maia (DEM). RJ).</p><p>In the vote of STF, the Amazons came out victorious six votes to four, after the trial was postponed with a score tied in two by two. In the restoration of the work, thanks to the voices of Fuxo and Carmema Lúcii, the score was 4 to 3 years old against the free zone of Manaus. However, Ricardo Lewandowski, Celso de Mello and Dias Toffoli voted for Amazon.</p><p>Recent statements by the leading economy Jair Bolsonaro <strong>in the Parliaments of the Amazon</strong> while checking the future of the ZFM. <strong>After meeting the Amazon bench</strong>, one day before the STF vote, Paulo Guedes said that the region's competitiveness would be maintained even with the creation of a single federal tax.</p></p></div><p><script>(function(d, s, id) {
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