Phase 12: Mariano says he regrets nose surgery and shocks people by revealing the sequel: “Me f * di!” – Watch

Marian’s beauty in # AFazenda12 has already brought several memes and positive comments on social networks. On Tuesday (27), however, sertanejo began the play People of Lisbon and Tays about some of the aesthetic procedures he went through to achieve this result, and admitted that he regretted the two changes: the nose and the teeth that received the Kontakt lens.

The conversation began with Tays considering performing an aesthetic intervention. “I wonder if I put a lens on my teeth or not, what do you think about that?“The singer asked.” Sertanejo then revealed his views on the subject. “These businesses (progresses)I’m very behind if a person is very upset. Because my nose was so sorry he moved … I’ve had four or five surgeries before“, Revealed the singer.

First [rinoplastia] that I did it, guys … I did it that way without feeling it. I needed to deviate from the counter and I fell into the story of the guy’s vicar. [O médico disse]: “Wow, because we are about to open up, we will improve here and there.” I did, the guy got on my nose. Then I had another, I gave the infection … my breath worsened by 40%, I got the hole [apontando para a ponta do nariz]”, Mariano said.

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The artist said the operations had consequences. “Did you see that I still blow my nose? I can’t even pull because he does [o nariz] there are locks that neither pull nor release, and I still have to blow. It feels like my nose is constantly running out. I f * di“,” Said the singer, shocking the peons.

Also teeth, I liked the result, I did it with a guy pi *. But that’s how I liked my smile before, you know? So making a business that has to keep it now for the rest of my life … I wouldn’t do it either. So, this way, I’m in motion when something bothers you a lot. And it has a reversible solution … a lens that has to wear out [os dentes]and you will have to spend the rest of your life caring, I do not recommendMariano concluded.

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Watch before and after sertanejo and watch the video:

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