Review of government studies at the end of the diesel subsidy, the minister said

Minister for Mines and Energy Moreira Franco said the government is considering moving to a diesel subsidy program that is due to end on 31 December. The goal is to gradually reduce the subsidy, which currently stands at US $ 0.30. The subsidy comes from a government deal with a drive train that paralyzed the country in May this year.

Total oil price reductions in refineries reached US $ 0.46. Of this amount, CZK 0.16 was obtained through a tax reduction and the difference of CZK 0.30 was included in the grant calculation.

"The Ministry of Finance sees it because it is a tax problem, so you see how this subsidy ends, because it is an agreement but a way that does not harm anyone, I think there is a possibility because the price allows the strategy to be set to have an impact absorbed, "he explained.

Moreira Franco provided information after signing contracts for the 15th round of crude oil procurement in the southern zone of Rio after attending the second round of the National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (ANP) roundtable.

Amazonas Energy

The Minister also said that the government is preparing interim measures to prevent Amazonas Energia services being discontinued after Eletrobras returns the concession to the company. For him, it must be remembered that the privatization of distributors, including Amazonas, has nothing to do with the strategy of solving the financial problem of Eletrobras.

According to the minister, the proposal is for the National Electricity Agency (Aneel) to find a mechanism for choosing a company to provide a distributor's services. Legislative authorization is required to avoid interruption of service. But the expectation that I have is that you can privatize, "he said.

Moreira recalled that the board of directors of Eletrobras had already stated that he did not want to stay with the distributor. "The fact that the government has most of the shares does not mean that it has the opportunity to use this exercise to say that it will not accept the majority opinion of the board of directors, so liquidation is an inevitable question of the law," he explained.

According to the minister, "in order not to interrupt service, Aneel, a regulatory agency, will choose a company that will provide this service to the Amazon population at a given time, allowing the new government to study, sell," he said.

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