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See 2 loans offered by Caixa without consulting SPC / Serasa!

SPC / Serasa An Federal Savings Bankas a public bank is a channel Federal Government act as a promoter of the country's economy. She runs several social projects, such as: FGTS, My Home My Life, PIS-Pasep Besides. It is therefore reasonable that it can offer consumers some forms of loans that are being sought by millions of Brazilians who currently have their name. SPC and Serasa.

Explicit Indebtedness in SPC and Serasa

Negative number of negatives in SPC / Serasa
Negative number of negatives in SPC / Serasa

According to the latest survey published by Serasa Experian, there are more than 63 million Brazilians whose names are denied.

In this way, a person has an awful record that actually causes bad market consequences. More than 40% of adults in Brazil are late.

Registering the name and CPF of the borrowers in the lending authorities Serasa and SPC as is well known, it makes the market unrealizable. And if it is a problem for non-payers, it is also a problem for the market as a whole.

Removing so many consumers from the world of long-term purchases and loans in general is bad. All because of mistrust of financial agents.

Caixa's activities offering loans without consulting SPC / Serasa

Box has two forms of loan without consulting SPC / Serasa
Caixa has two forms of loans that fall under a negative value in the SPC / Serasa

As we see, there is a growing demand for intelligent mechanisms or products that think about this collectivity, which go beyond time-limited purchases or loans for urgent solutions.

In this sense, Caixa seems to satisfy this demand without losing the need to be confident in its operations.

In short, there are sufficient safeguards to support the activity of lending securities in two modalities. They are:

1 – Asset hedging

The older regime used to lend money without any SPC and Serasa is a promise.

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In this way, the consumer can receive a certain amount of money, thus leaving some good pledged, under the supervision of the bank, at the agency Box.

Everything is therefore done on the basis of the good assessment, which can be at least 12 carat gold, watches, noble metals, pearls, cars and other valuable items.

As a loan, the client can obtain 100% of the real value of the secured asset. And in this way, use the money to deal with urgent issues or even to pay off the debt that would eliminate the negative SPC / Serasa.

It is also possible to purchase the secured property by paying for the agreed loan.

2 – FGTS-guaranteed loan

There is also a newer loan that can help SPC / Serasa. It also appeared in September last year.

Unlike the other payroll sheets, which include only INSS civil servants, pensioners and pensioners, joint workers are also considered; but who have a work permit.

O FGTS employees will serve as collateral for the enterprise. Therefore Box a customer agreement by providing a 10% equivalent balance on your linked account FGTS.

However, in case of termination of the employee you can add another 40% to the fine.

In practice, this means up to 50% FGTS can be borrowed without any SPC and Serasa. This is case by case.

The payment limit is up to 48 months (4 years). The installment discount is directly on the client's account, as is the case with payroll loans.

Possible output for negativado

These two modalities of credit for negatives in the EU. T SPC and Serasa can greatly help those who are like a name denied. Even better if the consumer makes a financial re-education.

But the best thing experts say is to use these resources wisely. It prefers to pay more expensive debts such as credit cards and check and special. So sleep better with the name that was finally cleaned up.

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