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"Shot my brother already fallen"

O DJ Marcos Rodrigues dos Santos, aged 19, died as a victim shooting at a bar in London Austin, New Iguaçu. Flamengo fan, liked to watch the team in Maracanã and was an attacker in peladas that he played with his friends. He dreamed of growing up as a DJ and was very fond of the neighborhood of Inconfidência, Queimados, where he lived and organized a party called Social of Friends (SDA), which came to have a presence DJ Rennan of Penhy. His story was brutally abbreviated short Saturday night when he was shot and killed in a London bar in Austin, Nova Iguaçu.

Marcos was buried at 11:30 in Jardim Envida Rio, in Queimados. His older brother, Hugo Rodrigues, 24, is not satisfied with the loss of the youngest. He suspects his brother was executed.

– He was a super extroverted man, playful, he was always in all reviews because he was a beloved neighborhood. To see how he wanted to, I put his sound car here and friends are here on the street who pay homage. He was always loyal, loyal to his friends. Unfortunately, there were people who weren't so loyal to him – he accuses.

On April 19, Marcos turned and lived with his mother and brother. Hugo says they both had a happy childhood, played a lot in the neighborhood where they lived their whole lives. According to him, the neighborhood was always quiet and had security problems "three or four years" when the regional transport war intensified. The day Marcos died, they were two years and a month when they lost their father.

Hugo, weird how it happened that night. He says it was 3:30 in the morning, from Friday to Saturday, and that his brother was asleep. Marcos even posted a social networking status that would not come out that day. When Hugo went to his room, he went to his brother and saw that he was about to leave. Because of his advanced class, he asked the youngest, who replied that he would get a couple of party favors he organized in Austin:

Friends and family said goodbye to Marcos Rodrigues
Friends and family said goodbye to Marcos Rodrigues

– Only this side is just 11.! I stayed in WhatsApp and around 4 am I started to go to a group that started filming in a London bar. I found it very strange when I got him out of the house to say he has a favor for him to get 3 and not too much in the morning, he gets there, the guy isn't there and he gets back dead, and that guy he followed him to his destination. Kill Him – Account.

Early morning departure

Hugo received news at 4 am that another shooting victim, teenager Danyelle Freytas, 17, was hit but was not dead. She was shot in the chest and was rescued but could not resist. Ten minutes later, the same sender said that the boy had run, and when he fell, already dying, the car passed and made more shots in his direction, causing his death in place.

"But until then I didn't know the other victim was my brother." At 4:32, my friend started calling me and sent me a desperate message that told me to go there because they shot Marcas. I was leaving, and my cousin was on the street, he was running because he also received this message, ”he recalled.

They both got into the car and went to the place. Hugo says the bars were already closed and there were some people on the street, but he didn't see Danyelle's body, police, ambulance and no movement.

Marcos was a DJ and organized a party called Social of Friends (SDA).
Marcos was a DJ and organized a party called Social of Friends (SDA).

My brother's body was still below the bar, under the tree. The one who stole it gave his identity to someone else to take him to this friend he had known and called me. That's why I think my brother is walking alone one hour this morning? My cousin took him there and sent my cousin! There were certainly trusted people there, and that happened there, ”he says.

Marcos died at a place where the civilian police mastered this skill. It was Hugo who called 190 and went to IML to remove the body.

“He also died. I don't know if he was in London where he was shooting, or the Ark that was on the side where he was. Other people said he was shot in Archa. But information about what has happened is very confusing. What I saw was a stomach injury, but it also seemed to take him back. There were three shots in total.

Two of the five people who joined the New Iguaç General Hospital (HGNI), after being shot in Austin, remain in the hospital. Felipe Marcos Menezes, 21, has undergone surgery and is in the CTI. Ivan Moraes da Silva underwent surgery on his right knee. Patients Isac Miguel Barros, 20, and Luis Menezes das Neves Filho, 25, were treated and released. Danyelle Freytas was eventually rescued for the hospital but died on her way to the unit.

The brothers lost their father more than two years ago

They both had a very strong personality and fought for Christmas, a very nasty fight, and did not speak properly until he died. The father had an ischemic stroke, was hospitalized for five days at the UPA de Queimados, got pneumonia and released him on Friday, we turned him to bring him here because he was very big and didn't have an ambulance, they had nothing to my father's brought. When he came here, my father had more than 40 degrees of fever. We called SAMU, who returned to UPA with him and stayed there only Saturday. He died at dawn from Saturday to Sunday, causing pneumonia.

Mother remarks, "What pain, my God!"

Hugo paid homage to the youngest in the networks. The video shows two pictures, while in the background he plays the song "Wait For Me" by MCs by Kevin Chris and Cajá. In another publication he wrote:

"I don't know what to say, I think, feel. I lost my best friend, my partner, my DJ, the best gift I got from my parents, my BROTHER." The pain I feel is as if they were tearing something from the inside and I thought that they had taken pleasure from me today.

Marcos Rodrigues
Marcos Rodrigues

The world is cruel and cowardly, and it hurts me most, is that you were the victim of one of them at the age of 19 and full of life, a mixture of sadness and hatred that takes over … Anyway. Father, wherever you are, and that you can handle the bills you both wanted. I love you and I will stand firm and take care of our crown. I will never forget you.

Rest in peace, brother. I love you forever, "he moaned.

The mother of boys, Ana Lídia Faria Rodrigues dos Santos, 52, commented, "What a pain, my God!". Hugo said she didn't say much but kept crying. The family is trying to find forces in the unions that could go on.

"It's hard, it's recent. I had to shake all the funeral, the funeral, all the documents, the release of the body … by me and my uncle, who was his godfather, and two of my father's cousins ​​who were mixing everything. With all this, I didn't spend much time with my mother. What I'm doing is watching her because he's crying in songs all the time … because it was a very tragic thing, something we don't expect. The family is all support, even those who live far have come to support. And that's it. We have to follow, we have to walk, right. There's no way …

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