Son of Bolsonara says, "Father of Death is interested in loved ones"

Photo: Reproduction
Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Carlos Bolsonaro (PSC / RJ), the son of the elected president, Jair Bolsonar, has published on twitter Twitter (28) that his father's death "relates not only to declared enemies but also to those who are very close".

The council also said that the risk may rise after the inauguration of Jair Bolsonar's inauguration on January 1. This statement comes to the public after Carlos returns to Rio, where he left three days to accompany his father in Brasilia.

Until the publication of this article, almost 1,000 shares were held.

While still a candidate for the presidency of the republic, Jair Bolsonaro was a victim of stinging stomach during a Juiz de Fora campaign, Minas Gerais.

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