Symphonic "Time Is Not For" 12/11: Sabino prevents Marocas from marrying

Comprehensive novel "Time Is Not For" 12/11 : In chapter 090 (*) of the novel "Time Not For", a summary Monday, November 12, Dom Sabino refuses to surrender his daughter Emilio and prevents Morocco from marrying. Vanda explains to Dom Sabin that he must erase Emilio's false proof to avoid the case of an international court. Everyone is horrified when Emilio declares in a written statement to journalists that Dom Sabino is a war criminal. House Sabino chased Pedro Wall out of his house. Morocco is looking for Samuka and two kisses.

Summary "Time Is Not for": Another chapter of the novel

(*) Edition Rede Globo, novel "O Tempo Não Para", subject to change of date and content.

Years of progress and discoveries that shaped the customs, customs and languages ​​of today's society, will experience shock in a wealthy nineteenth-century family waking up in the 21st century. For the entire 132 years, Sabino Machado and his household froze in a block of ice as life went outside. Now he wakes up in a thrilling and turbulent São Paulo and hits the company in mid-2018. "Tempo Para Para", a novel of seven, is written by Mario Teixeiro and has artistic leadership Leonardo Nogueira.


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