The Health Secretariat launches the November Blue Campaign


The Ministry of Health has prepared a program aimed at the health of the male population. Throughout the month, the community's medical unit will bring together the Blue November campaign, an initiative to raise awareness among men about the importance of preventing prostate cancer. Disease is one of the most common cancers among men, and if left untreated, it can lead to death. Healthcare facilities will also offer rapid tests for syphilis, vaccination, screening, family bag weighing, and family planning.

According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca) in Brazil, a person dies every 38 minutes due to prostate cancer. This is the second cancer that kills most men in the world. It is estimated that up to 2019 there will be 68,220 new cases. It is considered to be cancer of the third age, because about three quarters of the cases in the world have been in existence since the age of 65.

According to PAISMCA, William Cardoso de Brito, a coordinator of the Integrated Health Care Program for Women, Children and Young People, during the month, all health authorities in the community will perform a health-related waiting room, supported by the Expanded Family Health Center (Nasf). "When cancer is diagnosed at the beginning, the chances of curing the patient are 90-95%," he explained, adding that Cancer Hospital of Barra Mansa serves 166 cases of men with prostate cancer. "Of these, there are 97 people out of town, but these statistics are rising if prejudice and lack of information continue to be greater than the desire to have a healthy life," he added.


Last month was held in Pink October, according to Willian, there was a very large mobilization of the population. Approximately two thousand preventative examinations were performed in the cervix and a thousand mammograms. But despite the high adherence, many people who pass the exam will not look for the result. "The campaign has tremendous strength and national visibility, the health department offers it at zero cost, and yet many people are not bothered to look for results, and there is nothing to do in these cases," he concluded.

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