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The meeting on the board of directors Vasco gives the term balance sheet analysis and has a "climate" with Brant

Last night (29), the Vasco Deliberative Council met to analyze Fiscal Council complaints to President Alexander Campello and his board. There it was decided not to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations and also set a 30-day deadline for leaders to be able to provide the information requested by the competent authority in relation to the 2018 balance sheet to be published on Tuesday. (30).

Some of the directors spoke in defense of the current board of directors for Finance Vice President João Marcos Amorima, who raised his arguments on the questions of the Chairman of the Fiscal Council Edmilson Valentim.

"We are proud of the auditors and consultants we are proud of, because we are proud of the stars that have gone through the team, we also want to have the best directors, presidents, officials … That doesn't matter, on the contrary, we are very proud," Amorim said, who added:

"You have attacked the agreements we have made, not dozens, but hundreds, as well as PROFUT, working debts, tax debts … Unfortunately, most of the agreements have not been made in our time, but often on account bonds we had to negotiate."

Before the meeting, board members received a brief summary of what will be published tomorrow in the financial statements audited by "BDO". Major events include a $ 60 million surplus – where Campello stressed that he is "the biggest in Brazil" and higher than Flamengo and Palmeiras – and reducing debt by more than $ 100 million. The document also said that such a balance sheet would be "one of the three most transparent in the country".

The climate warms up with Julie Brant

At the council meeting, the mood lit up when Julio Brant, a former presidential candidate, approached. The leader of the "Always Basque" group, in his first words, apologized to those who were offended by some statements about former President Eurico Miranda who died last month.

"Making use of what is the first meeting after the death of Eurica … On our part, Semper Vasc and more specifically on my part, I wanted to apologize to the advisors who were present on some occasions and who felt offended by the placements I did," Julio said.

The strong response of Eurico's advisers was immediately broke out of the lagoon naval headquarters. Brant, who focused on screaming, was still trying to continue his speech: "I had the opportunity to talk to President Eurico Miranda on this subject at the time …" But noise and criticism did not stop and talk.

The Chairman of the Conciliation Council, Roberto Monteiro, intervened:

"No offense, please."

After a few minutes and mouth, Brant continued and closed:

"There's always Vasco to talk to MEPs, none of these discussions and struggles on the council can accept, we have to go not for a fake union, but to calm the club and move forward in things the club needs. advises the importance of what is being asked and what is best for the club. No kind of revenge, no kind of revolt, as we did last year, when we voted for the durability of Campello despite all the facts that happened last year and our differences, we are voting for what is best for Vasco without any revenge.

Euriquinho is disillusioned with the club's politics

The great benefactor Vasca, Eurico Brandão, Euriquinho, son of Eurico Miranda and former club vice president, left nothing excited about meeting at the Deliberative Council.

The speech of the "Basque pacificado", which was adopted before the meeting, gave the opportunity to break away from the political life of cruzmaltina.

Proposal of mediation of cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors

Renato Brito, a member of the Always Vasco group, has proposed a sort of internal committee of the Conciliation Council to mediate cooperation between the Fiscal Council and the Board because they both do not speak the same language.

This committee would be composed of representatives of different political groups. The idea was well received by most strings.

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