The Transport Secretary said the ban would be "as small as possible" – News

Despite the diagnosis of IPT (Technological Research Institute) and City Infrastructure and Construction Secretary Vitor Aly, that the Jaguar viaduct can collapse after a millimeter shift this Friday (16), the City Secretary for Mobility and Transport, João Octaviano Machado Neto, said the ban would be "the smallest possible".

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According to Octaviano, the growth of the storage area should not cause further consequences of a scheme that would serve to mitigate road traffic. "We do not change the operating area," he said. The only change, according to the secretary, is CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) interruption of train passage in Pinheiros station.

According to the secretary, there are 30 buses in Paris that provide trains. Regarding roads, Octaviano said that the Marginal Pinheiros expressway towards Rodovia Castello Branco is still closed. "Only the local track is free," he says.

FROM Thursday (15), when the Jaguaré viaduct began to recede, alternative routes were opened to drivers. "Faria Lima, Pedroso de Moraes, Gastão Vidigal and Ponte dos Remédios are offered," said Octaviano. "It's a smaller route and is not able to absorb all traffic from the marginal, but they are alternative routes during the firing."

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Drivers are alerted to ban on agents, sign banners and electronic alert alerts. As for cycling courses, the secretary stated that one of them had a temporary intervention to increase the score. "It's a lot of material coming down the bike lane. It was an operational question."

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