"These people who come here are not politicians, they are from the social network," says Eunice about Paul Guedes

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On the eve of the Senate, he approved the judiciary, the future Supreme Minister of Economic Affairs, Paulo Guedes, was subjected to a cruel interview with Congressional President Eunice Oliveira (MDB-CE) in the Senate Senate last Tuesday (6).

The interview began slightly, but, according to a Senate report, he quickly developed himself with the handbag of the powerful ruler, Bolsonar. The interview was attended by Mayor Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and Senator Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE).

"If Mr. thinks he will be stormy next year, imagine how it will be like this year. What can I do to help, I'm ready …", said Eunice for BuzzFeed News, which describes that the open door remains open to proposals interested in a future government joining the Office in the general budget of the Union in January.

"He looked at me and said the budget was not important, it was important to approve the pension reform," the president said.

Eunice says he remembered that budget approval is a prerequisite for parliamentary holidays set by the Constitution. "He said," You disagree with the budget, I do not want to approve the budget. "But you do not want, the Constitution says we can only leave after the holidays after the holidays."

Reconstructing Eunice, Guedes would have cut him off: "No, I just want a pension reform. If you do not do this, I'll blame this Congress and PT will come back and you'll be responsible for returning PT."

The President of the Senate announced that he had reminded the future Minister that the proposed vote of the Constitutional Amendment can only be voted after the executive has closed the federal intervention in Rio.

According to the Eunice report, Paulo Guedes insisted that PT's history would return if there had been no pension reform. According to him, Paulo Guedes made a bet for the interview:

"[Guedes me disse:] "If you do not approve everything we want this year, PT will come back. If you approve the reform, Brazil will grow to 6%, unless it agrees, Brazil will not grow, I blame you," he said.

"Democracy is the best way to live in the world, but it's complicated, it's hard, Minister," said the emedicist. Euncio was not re-elected in October, but by January 31 he remains in the competence of the Senate, which has the power to set a program of what will be voted in plenary.

"So I saw Raquela Dodge in the front and I went to talk with her and he talked to Fernand Bezerra (MDB-PE), who was horrified," he said.

The interview was held in the Senate Hall, minutes before the authorities held a 30-year festive session of the Constitution. The ceremony was attended by the head of the three Powers and elected President Jair Bolsonaro.

I want [o Bolsonaro] I hit 150%, I contribute, and this is not with him, it is with this country and the population that chose it. The will of the population is happening because it is like a democratic command, "said the President of the Senate.

According to Eunice, however, the bad weather must be abolished by the one who takes over the government: "I want to help you, but I will not knock on the door, toc, toc, toc, to say that here is the president of legislative power and ask why you voted."

"Printing" by Guides

Restlessness grew after the ceremony when Guedes told reporters that the population must "press" in the Senate to vote for social security.

"And he went to the door (the Treasury) and said he had to print, I say nobody prints in here to convince you, you guess, I'm losing the loss, you're not going to let anyone go," he said.

When he read Eunice and close senators when he spoke in a "press", the minister who had not yet begun to work, wanted to go over the independent legislative body. "As long as I'm president, nobody says what we're going to do here, the little finger of anyone who can vote no, yes or no," he said.

Asking if Paulo Guedes was "arrogant," Eunice was laconic: "Take your deductions."

He added, "I will not be able to say the will of others, I will do the will of most of the congress. I have no interest in creating a future problem for the President of the Republic."

"Do you think Onyx is a Senate? He is not even with the Chamber"

On Wednesday the following day, 41 small fingers pressed the yes button on a project that regulates the salaries of federal Supreme Court ministers by 16%, which was included in the agenda on that day by the Senate President. Only 16 senators have opposed and one has abstained. Another 12 senators did not participate in the plenary session.

A cascade effect on all features should increase the cost of editing to $ 5 billion, further weakening state and federal funds.

Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes criticized the impact of the rise in public accounts on social media advocates, but the disarticulation of the future government was so obvious that the exponents of bolsonarismo provided their quota for a contribution to new adaptation.

"I just say the following: I do not know how they do it, but in the morning I do not accept Great Malta (PR-ES) to speak out by exchanging the payroll recomposition of judges who exchange the housing allowance for a salary vote. people called Bolsonarists have not voted, and I'm blaming myself for that? "The President of the Senate said.

"Frankly, do you think Onyx Lorenzoni is a Senate? It's not Parliament," Senator MDB said.

"These people who come here are not politics, it's from the social network," he added.

Orleans and Braganca, "stupid"

Four hours before the vote on the STF's adaptation, he contributed to the amplification of the brood broke by a representative of the elected Luis Philippe de Orleans and Bragança (PSL), one of the heirs of the old Brazilian imperial family.

Orleans and Braganca called Euncio a "lame duck", a slog for the politics of the American political world, who was unable to re-elected, but still in office, and accused him of creating a bomb plan to undermine another government.

"There was a fool, Orleans and Braganca, a monarch in Brazil, said I was a dumb duck." Lame duck is when someone else puts it in. I have no one elected, and I can even influence the election of another president [do Senado]. Until 31 January, when my term expires, there is no other elected president. It's still in the realm, we're in a democracy, "the senator said.

"The regime is democratic, thanks to the vote and I do not want to make a bomb, but I will not forgive no one asking, no one asked," he added.

The second ball in the back

The rise of FTS with the cascade effect of billionaires was not the only back ball that the President elected in this senate.

The next day on Thursday (8) the Senate approved another force in the field of the Union: the so-called Agenda 2030, which became a well-known construction of the new car regime in the country. Tax exemptions in favor of cars – money that will cease to be collected with taxes – have to cost $ 2 billion a year.

The proposal went through the Senate in just 22 minutes and an hour later was approved by Michel Temer. Paulo Guedes again complained about measures approved by the senators.

Eunice refuses to be a sponsor of the Bomb Squad group and recalls that the new automobile regime has been approved by the Chamber in urgent cases.

"They said the bomb agenda, but Parliament approved and urged the approval of the automotive industry, and my state does not have a factory I did not want to, and that reduces my motivation by 40% [das montadoras] forward "was defended

According to him, the 40% quote is an estimate of the tax reduction currently provided to the automotive industry.

"Nobody will stop or stop me from carrying out an agenda to follow Kongres agenda, which is too much," he said.

He said, "Just like I do not say what the STF is managing, or what the Congress executive manages, nobody will tell me what I say first or second."

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