"Time does not stop": Marocas finds himself in danger of dying

Juliana Paiva is Morocco v Juliana Paiva is Morocco in "Time does not end" (Photo: Reproduction)

In the other chapters "Time does not stop", Marocas (Juliana Paiva) finds she is at risk of death.

Everything will happen to her faintly and decide to go through the whole exam. Helen (Rafaela Mandelli) will be tested and the results available will detect the presence of toxin. Shortly thereafter she will go to the Moroccan house to say everything.

– Poisoned? That may be just a mistake, "says the young lady when she receives the news.

"I thought that was the same thing, but I checked with the lab, they had top practices, the mistake of this seriousness would be unthinkable," explains the doctor.


Samuca attacks the father during the discussion

Samucin's father will demand the money to come back

Morocco and Samuca will be investigated

Marocas asks if he can consume water and feed the contaminated substance, but the psychiatrist will ensure that:

– Morocco, people the talking about intentional poisoning.

– You think it's a matter?

– Definitely. Someone is trying to hurt you.

Morocco immediately talks to Samuel (Nicolas Prattes).

"Something very serious, I feel threatened," begins.

"Endangered what?"

"Samuka, someone's trying to kill me."


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