Time to: Morocco shows a surprise with an emphasis on Kikinico. Check out this Monday


Emilio apologizes to Morocco for the evil he has done to him and admits he loves her. The doctor announces that Emilio does not counteract the poison snake. Carmen is surprised to learn from Vandy that Dom Sabino has left the laudemas. Morocco shows a surprise with an emphasis on Kikinico. During Emilio's waking, guests are astonished to see Emilius twins, Lucius, enter the church.

Take a look at the summary of the week:


Lucius says he has returned to Brazil to repair Emily's evil. Carmen comments with House Sabin about her distrust of Lucio. Mariacarla tells Betina that Lucio wants to meet her. Miss Celine is leaving school. Lucio tells Mariacarle that he considers the conclusion of Emilia's death investigation to be wrong. Marocas is surprised to see the entire nineteenth-century costume family so that Samuca can ask her to marry him.


Morocco accepts Samuca's request for marriage. Betina becomes tense when Lucio claims he is sure Emilio was murdered. Wales will reveal to Matthew that she will not get married due to pregnancy. House Sabino causes an inconvenience in Oregon when installing a toll on the street. Cesaria offers financial support for the creation of Miss Celine's school. Lucius tells Mariacarle that he will invest in Kikinica. Lucius meets Samuca.


Lucio says he's interested in the Samvity projects. Mariacarla tells Lucian that Emilio has taken Amadeus's plan to freeze. Betina asks Herbert for a deadly cloth that leaves no trace. Natalia is strange about Bento's behavior. Lucius confesses to Betina that she will dazzle her. Lucio tells Marocas that he is interested in investing in Kikinica. Herbert gives Bettina a deadly cloth.


Morocco accepts Lucio's participation in Kikinica. House Sabino tells the story of Cecilia's mother. Waleska hired Samvit. Carmen finds that Don Sabino is not the biological father of Cecius and tells Eliza. Agustina can not sign divorce. Agnes accepts Betina's proposal and asks for a housekeeper in Agustina's house.


Morocco interview Agnes. Vanda warned Dom Sabino that he was being sued for illegal toll. Lucius confesses to Helen that he feels he is as bad as Emilio. Agnes tells Betina that she was taken to work in Agustina's house. Twins do not trust Agnes. Helen tells Betina that Lucio has asked for an opinion on Emilion's dissection. Agnese serves tea for Marocas.

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