US appreciates Bolsonar's position on "More Physicians"

The US Department of State believes that the President of Brazil is in the fight against partnerships with Cuban doctors



November 16, 2018, 00h35 – Published November 15, 2018, 23h44

The United States government on Thursday appreciated the critical stance of the elected president Jair Bolsonaro About program More doctors, which took place with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and Cuba, which motivated the abolition of Cuban medical staff.

"It is good to see that President Bolsonaro insists that Brazilian physicians in Brazil receive a fair salary instead of allowing Cuba to take the majority of the regime's treasury," Kimberly Breier, head of the Foreign Office, wrote on Twitter. from the US to Latin America.

The Chosen President wanted to put a Cuban doctor on a "capacity test" to pay full salaries to professionals and allow their families to come to Brazil.

"The Cuban dictatorship accounts for about 70% of the salaries of these doctors, and another thing that is deficient in respect of those who received treatment from these Cubans: we have no evidence that they are physicians and are capable of performing their functions," Bolsonaro said on Wednesday .

In response, Havana announced she is giving up the Brazilian program, which has been participating since its inception in 2013 for the statement of the elected president who announced the changes to the program since 1 January when he joined the office.

On Thursday, a group of three doctors returned to Cuba after three years of work in Brazil – the first after Havana announced she would leave Más Doctores.

"The Cuban Ministry of Public Health decided not to continue with the Más Docs program and informed the OPS Director and the Brazilian political leaders who initiated and defended the initiative," Cuba said.

He also questioned the "preparation of our physicians" and made "his persistence in the program to extend the title," emphasizes the official Cuban text.

"The revocation of the program will be supported by our doctors, because neither the principles nor the dignity are negotiable," said Minister of Health, Cuba Regla Angulo, at the arrival of airport experts.

According to Bolsonar, the abolition of the Cuban doctors' broadcast program in Brazil was a "unilateral" and "irresponsible" decision of the "dictatorship" of Cuba, which did not accept the changes the elected president chose to maintain cooperation.

About 20,000 Cuban doctors worked in Brazil for five years, and the Cuban decision concerns about 8,000 people who are currently doing so.

According to Brazilian diplomatic sources, Cuban doctors return home before Christmas, even though they estimate that about 2,000 people could stay in Brazil for love and family relationships, which would allow them to obtain a residence visa.

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