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300 friends, singers and mayors came to ONYX to celebrate Ivana! PHOTOS

A whole bunch of pop and folk stars came tonight at the ONYX club in Plovdiv to celebrate with Ivana! The Plovdiv Folk Diva celebrates the solemn anniversary of its birth and 20 years of professional music.

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"Ivana – the same and not quite!" is the motto under which one of the most memorable world events under the hills will be held. More than 300 guests invited the performer, among them the mayors of Plovdiv, Stamboliiski, Burgas, Pazardjik, Stara Zagora, Dimitrovgrad and Aytos. Apart from Ivan Totev, there are all regional mayors of Plovdiv and Kiril Velchev from the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation.

Among the guests of the singer are the rector of the Academy for Music and Dance Arts Prof. Milcho Vassilev, as well as performers Toni Dimitrova, Silvia Katsarova, Atanas Stoev and his wife Nadya from the Kanarite Orchestra, Rositsa Peicheva and Slavka Kalcheva. Here, of course, and Mitko Dimitrov – the head of the music company Payner, whose performer is Ivana.

And the jubilee has prepared a rich musical program together with its band as well as many surprises for everyone present.

Special guests of the event are Silvia Katsarova, Teddy Katsarova, Toni Dimitrova, Toni Dacheva, Slavka Kalcheva, Rositsa Peicheva, Nikolay Slaveev, Essil Duran, Kanari and Nevena Peikova. Each of them will join with a musical greeting at Ivana's party.

One of the biggest surprises of the evening will be rap performances of Ivana in duet with the 7-year-old Ivan – son of her most faithful companion Stoyan.

In the invitations, Ivana wrote that she does not want presents and flowers, and envelopes she will donate to talented children from Plovdiv Music School "Dobrin Petkov". "The holiday will bring my character, my style and my way of life, and I want people to come up with a mood," she said.

In one of the other bouquets, Ivana laughed, a reporter told TrafficNews.bg. Everything here is very emotional and promises to become a crazy party in Plovdiv!

Expect detailed reporting and interviews with Ivana and some of her guests!

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