Amazon opens 2 new $ 5 billion factories and earns tax credits of nearly $ 2 billion.

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Amazon, the online giant Amazon, will place its new headquarters in New York and Arlington, Virginia, near the capital of Washington.

Both new power plants will operate approximately 50,000 people, the company said. There are several thousand people working in New York and Arlington for the Amazon.

The company office in Seattle remains. "Amazon's investment in each of these two new plants will encourage the creation of tens of thousands of other jobs in surrounding communities," the company said, adding that the recruitment will begin next year.
There was concern that the choice of cities for Amazon's new headquarters would affect the limited housing and transport systems market.

"New York will have tens of thousands of new, well-paid jobs, and Amazon will have the most talented workforce on one of the most special places on the planet," wrote New York Mayor Bill De Blasio on Twitter.

Amazon Communications said they would receive a tax credit under a $ 1.2 billion special tax relief program in New York. Arlington and Virginia offer incentives amounting to $ 573 million.

The company announced that Nashville, Tennessee, will have a new Amazon center that will employ 5,000 people.
Initially, it was proposed to accept a new headquarters of 200 cities and municipalities. Amazon lowered their number to 20 in January of this year. / BTA

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