For Levski there were only two correct moves

Legendary striker Levski and former director of the club's school Emil Spasov commented on the recent events of "Georgi Asparuhov" in front of BLITZ. Six times champion with the blue team expressed satisfaction that the two things happened in the club, which were the only decision – the club to be in the hands of Vasil Bozhkov and Bulgarian to be a coach.

– Are you satisfied with the recent events in Levski and most of all Vasil Bozhkov's entry into the club?
– I'm happy. In my opinion, and according to people who understand sport and business, it is definitely only possible that he could save the situation in Levski. Yesterday, I was at a meeting with the Blue Hearts Club, where people are fond of the club. And we talked, without yet having heard the confirmation that this is the best solution. I do not know him personally but I have acquaintances from other places and I think he is at this stage the only person in Bulgaria who can now heal the club and move it in the right direction. And at this point, healing is the most important.

– Transfer policy has also changed radically – experienced Bulgarian players have attracted …
– That's a good decision. These are former Levski players and people who know what Levski is. Valeri, Zhivko, Niki … I know them very well. Milanov was his supervisor when he was in the school. He continued in this direction and became one of the good Bulgarian players. I'm glad he's here again, even though he is injured these days. It is glad that the club has finally begun to attract Bulgarian footballers. I have been talking about it for years – you have to rely on cadres going through the school, as well as people who have given their heart and life to this club.

"And that's a lot of stuff for the young people who will grow up along these players …"
– Of course. As I grew up, as others grew past us. So, as the 84-85 team was one of the best teams in history. We have won victories over CSKA, Bulgaria and Europe … We have defeated the German champion and so on. This was one of the strongest generations. 7-8 people had grown up in the school of Levski. Yes, this is difficult to achieve at this stage, but I still think that Bulgarian players must be relied on. To proven players who play in the national team, like Martin Rainov. They can also be understood as the people in the dressing room. It is no secret that in our dressing room in recent years we speak in several languages ​​and it is difficult to communicate. This is an abnormal story. I think a player from abroad has to come to Levski only if he is a class over the rest. Just as we once went abroad and wanted us the same.

– Already the coach is a Bulgarian. Georgi Dermendzhiev will manage to be the head of Levski?
– Finally Bulgarian coach. I believe that in the Bulgarian reality there is no foreigner who can do better than a native coach. It is no secret that Bulgaria is working and I think that only one can handle it. Dermendzhiev is a successful coach, which means he should have done it. What will happen, however, is yet to be understood. It will not be easy for him. Requirements will be extremely high. You know that the most important for a coach are the victory and the growth of the team.

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