Georgi Petkov, with an interview with BLITZ, showed that he wrote in the Lazy Dirty Number and admitted something very interesting!

Georgi Petkov is doing miracles and we can call him the legend of Bulgarian football. He came to history as the oldest player in the field with a national jersey. He also came to the European ranking after having won the first place in the ranking of the oldest goalkeeper, defending the colors of his home country. This indicator is the third in the world. On May 9 this year, the Bulgarian Cup brought Slavia into an epic game finishing in the finals against his former Levski team. Petkov opened an interview with BLITS, in which he admitted something very interesting – how long is his contract with "white".

– How do you feel at the age of 42 and how much can you play?
"I actually feel 30 years, it does not bother me that I'm 42. I'm alive and healthy, the weather will show how many years I will play, if I can help Slavia, I will play.

"How long have you been with the club?"
"It's long enough. Actually, my contract with Slave is as long as I can play.

– What is the formula for sports longevity?
"Family first, I have a wonderful wife and daughter, I have changed a lot after birth, and Elia, who is alive and healthy, is already 7 years old, and I feel extremely good when I have such a beautiful creature beside me. has really changed.

– Do you have enough time for your relatives?
"I'm staying for a while, but when I can, I'm always with them." Eliza is beginning to understand things more and more. He always asks me to go to the camp, the result of the matches – too.

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"When was your last wife for a break and where do you like?
– We returned from Velingrad on Monday, where we were at the weekend. After a match with the national team, I got a break from Slavia and I took advantage of it. Otherwise, we want to go to Sandanski. We want to be in the fresh air, especially for the baby. For many years we have been going to sea every year in Greece.

– How many kilos are you now? Watch Diet Patterns?
– I do not have any regimes because I have no problems with weight gain. I was 80-81 pounds in 15 years. Maybe it will help protect me from injuries.

– Have you missed some fights lately because of fatigue, how do you recover from the games?
– It's just because of fatigue … We just met Slavi and let Tony play. The boy has unique qualities.

– You're talking about Antonis Stergiakis. What do you teach him?
"I'm trying to help him, I can, listen to me, I started in Slavia once, then I was helped by Bobby Mihaylov and Zdravko Zdravkov, and now I'm learning young people." As for the recovery after the game, the next day I have a lot of problems but it's nice to do it fast Do not worry Just a day after the game I'm having problems and then I'm a rifle.

"Do they record your recordings?" Now you are the oldest national team leader in the history of European football and have become the oldest player for our national team. (record had another goalkeeper – Hristo Hristov – Barakata)
"Yes, it flattered me But to be honest: I do not pay too much attention to the achievements I'm just glad people and, in particular, the coaching staff of the national team have noticed my good performance in my recent games and that they can rely on me. glad to get back to the national team When they call me I will always answer I'm not such a man say, "I have 42 years, it does not make sense …" I never refuse to play for a national team You do not even think that.

"What else do you want to achieve?"
– First, be healthy and help Slavia. Once they think they need me, I'm ready. I do not think for specific purposes. It is important for Slavia to stabilize and young players to develop.

– But is he probably dreaming of the valuable "Bulgarian footballer"? You have the second and third place over the years.
– Great recognition is indeed. But I do not think it's a firm idea that I have to get up. If people think I'm the best, I'll be very happy. I hope to win.

– From whom did you learn that Peter Hubchev returned you to the national team and what was your first reaction?
– I understand the media. I did not talk to Hubchev on the phone before he called me. Because of Plamen Ijev's injury, I thought he was likely to turn to me. And because Vlado Stoyanov is seriously injured. I opened the chance to return to the national team.

– What did you miss out on Cyprus and Slovenia in the last two matches of the League of Nations tournament group at the door?
– It was just this match with Cyprus that took us first. But when we look at the game, we can not be dissatisfied. We looked good. We played insultingly, but it was annoying that we did not get our position.

"Your first interview with Hubchev, how did you say, what did you say?"
– I thanked him for the call. I wish my success without injuries and to train as much as possible.

"You were known as a great joker all the time, and in the national team, do you let your teammates know?
"Oh, no, of course, it's different with Hubchev, it's harder for the national team to allow jokes, I still have jokes, but I take it for granted, it's normal for me, and although I'm 42, it's not good so that the younger man jokes with them.

– Goalkeeper coach Rado Stanev is a year older than you. Do you follow his instructions or leave a whim?
"We are family friends, not only my trainer, I know him before he starts work in Slavia, I am grateful for everything, one of the great merits of his success is his, I always listen to it, the coach is still, I respect the hierarchy.

– You see a coach after years?
"It's hard to be a coach with this character.

"Do you want to say something about the notes on your address that you are the king of slowing the game?
– At national level, we saw the goalkeeper in Cyprus, not from the 70th or 80th minute, slowing the game from the fifth minute. In our country, we stimulated the idea that I do not have time. Yes, let me do it sometimes when necessary. This is part of the game.

– Your comments on the return of Nikolay Mihaylov to Levski?
"I have known Nikki for a long time and has the attributes and I wish him a success in Levski, the question is how he prepares himself, the most important thing is to do a good preparation, to stay well and where people are to be welcomed, the main problem with him is family, This famous mistake with Werder is the time to forgive, and she did not was a mistake in the finish, only bounced the ball that passed his legs. It happened so much that it was a long time ago. Nicky really has the qualities.

– In a few weeks, you co-trained while being in shape with the Slave. How did you introduce yourself in joint activities?
"We train together for about 40 days, that's good, I think it will quickly recover.

– Your former club Levski, who is four times the champion and three times the winner of the Bulgarian Cup, why has he been without a trophy since 2009?
"Nothing is Levski, I hope to win the trophy as soon as possible, there are obviously problems with Gerena, I'm not in the middle of things to comment in more detail, I can not say what a problem.

– You and Slavia were a problem in 2013 when you prepared Levski for the championship trophy …
"Why should we be a problem?" We have no mistake not to let us down. Not suitable for Levski and for fans. But I protect the colors of another club and try to do my job as always. And in Levski, as I was, I said goodbye to every training and every game. The glory of stopping Levsky is a normal thing. For our joy we succeeded, we played for our honor. Slavia set me up as men and gates. I have long pledged to lead, and especially to Ventsi Stefanov, that once I come back from Cyprus, I will again wear a white team.

– You may be bothering or not paying attention to Levski fans who are singing at your address: "Oh, a Funny Goalkeeper" …
– I do not mind it. We live in Bulgaria and over the years I have become accustomed to all things and insults. For a long time I did not pay attention to them for a long time. You can not forbid fans to call what they want. Some will come to the stadiums just to swear.

– Are you still on Todor Batkov, who drove you out of Levski before?
– No, because I'm not a bad guy. Mr. Batkov was then introduced and later understood. We saw it later, we talked, there is no problem on my part. Then he was influenced, misleading. The truth is that there have been intrigues. So it's in our country – there are people who swarm water.

– Who are you talking about?
– I and Mr. Batkov know very well who polluted me. Then I knew who the man was, but I do not want to call his name.

"Did you stay in Gerena?"
"I have excellent relationships with most of the people of Gerena.

Do you hear with Stanimir Stoilov, with some of your former teammates?
"I did not talk to Murray for a long time, I talked to Šimákov with Mech Telkiyski, Georgi Ivanov – Gonzo, I have no problems with anyone, we have a friendly attitude.

– Have you ever had the chance to play in CSKA?
– There was no such option.

– The nickname Joro Door that you stuck Dimitaru Peneva, do you like?
"I will take it with mockery, Mr. Penev did not say so, some journalists did, Penny was," Joro's door and these two … "He's a great coach and a great man, alive and healthy.

– Recently Slavia fans call you Gosho Vekoven. How do you want to remember?
– Yes, Gosho Vekoven is my newest nickname, I like it.

– What are the biggest difficulties you have overcome yet?
– The two things I've experienced the most difficult. The first was when I broke my leg in Levski. I spent eight very difficult months. The second thing is how I separated from Levski. I did not want to do it, I experienced it very hard. They were tears, normal. I did not have to leave this way. Yes, they freed me, they pursued me, but it had to be normal. We could sit on the table and understand, grab our hands, thank you for your cooperation over the years and I would leave without being sad and happy that I was there. The important thing is that I'm alive and healthy, and I still love football.

– What did she dream about?
– To be alive and healthy most important, everywhere around me to be alive and healthy. I've been trying for a few more years to help Slavi and the young to develop.

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