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Hal Drugo with heavy trauma in "Voice of Bulgaria"! (PHOTO)

With one of the brightest participants of the show, one of the brightest actors on the stage of Voice of Bulgaria appeared with a severe trauma. Kaloyan Nikolov, who became a popular spectator for his striking resemblance to Hal Drugo's "The Game of Thrones", shocked Michael Fileva with her purple foot and lament.

"I broke it up during a basketball game," Kaloyan explained, and the men went to a vocal match with rival Roberto.

“You gave us the feeling that we are the first line of a rock concert. Energy, Kef! ", Mihaela's coach cut them off. She decided to continue in Kaloyan, who is competing with his opponent in a friendly way.

This is another victory for Jason Momoa in the show. On castings in the dark, Kaloyan received four inverted chairs and later met with the love of Denitsa Petr – the witch Camelia stole from the Earl.

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