Hot lesbo scene at BIG Brother! Nikita grabbed Julian Gani's huge breasts and … (IMAGES 18+) – BLITZ

Another burglary at BIG Brothers is available. Silicon Fury Juliana Gani was very shy. That's why she asked her girlfriend, Nikita Johnson, to hold her chest when she dressed, so she does not fool around the camera.

"It's funny," Gani said as she held her chest, each with 950 elbows.

Nikita helped her and lifted her bust until she reached the top and gently touched her chest.

The federal roommates laughed at Ganye and Johnson's tendencies to plastic surgery. Make-up artist Tsetso Andreev even shared with Gamova a cultural story when Juliana donated her "front chest" for charity. The actor was slightly overwhelmed at the meeting of a friend. "She saw with this girl that she touched her chest and would see how they were," actor Stanimir Gamov asked jokingly.

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