I was constantly beating, José advocated for provocation

Jose Mourinho said he had been attacked Juventus fans throughout the game due to their past with Intero, and provoked them after the last referee's signal.

The red devils won in Turin 2-1 after the late gates and after their end the Portuguese put their hand in their ear and angry fans of hosts and players who demanded explanation of their actions.

"After I was constantly offended, I was unable to keep myself calm, just like my family, it was not pleasant, so I responded in this way, eventually my task was to win and forget the past, but the fans did not forget. my gesture is insulting, I just wanted to hear if she still speaks, "José said, whose talks will undoubtedly make huge remarks.

"I think it was a great game, we were on a very high level and did not stop fighting the last one, and I respect Juventus because they are a great team." Ronaldo scored a great goal and Bonucci's shot was really amazing as a central defeat. their performance, "added Mourinho.

"In our last match we will host young boys, and if my math is right, we will qualify if we win and Valencia does not play against Juventus. I hope to return in time and I am grateful to the Italian police," said the coach.

However, United can not count until the last match in the group to qualify as if the victory in his Valencia on the next round certainly continued.

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