It is clear what money BG clubs distribute from Ludogorets' participation in LE – BG Football – Europarticipants

635 179 euros will be awarded to the Bulgarian Football Union by the UEFA Solidarity Fund due to the participation of Ludogorets in the group stage of the Europa League last season 2017/2018. Money should be used to develop youth football, and the BFU is divided between schools.

The difference compared to the 2016/2017 season is huge when the clubs from the first three levels in the country have split 3 million and 600 thousand leva. UEFA recommends splitting money between teams of the first and second divisions that have not played in the group stage of the tournament, but the federation may also set its own distribution criteria.

The money distribution should be such that each team in the first league earns CZK 57,000. Players in the second league will collect $ 24,500 and funds will be allocated to third league amateur clubs – 63 teams will receive 2000 leva.

The UEFA General Solidarity Prize for Solidarity Payments is 125.44 million euros. 17 football associations or leagues divide 100.36 million of the total and 38 associations are allocated 25.09 million. In 17th place, Norway is the largest buyer, raising 2 454 199 euros. The absolute player is Angry, who gives his modest clubs 13,613,290 euros / BTA

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