On Thursday, the train to Greece stops near Cherniche, buses (Obzor)

The disturbing edge of the locomotive village is seriously damaged.

The locomotive from Petrich collapsed by 45 degrees,

after the stones were hit, 8 injured

On Thursday afternoon, trains from and to Greece and Petri stop at stations in front of and along the rocks in Kresna Gorge and passengers will be transported by buses and back on board.


On Monday at 18:55, 3 km from Cherniche village, a huge passenger rocket train from St. Petersburg to Blagoevgrad poured huge rocks and pushed him out of the dormitory.

The impact was so strong


He leaned forward

at 45 degrees,

and a few wheels came out of the track.

The waterfalls are 120 cubic meters, two rocks are 30 cubic meters, said Krassimir Papukiyski, head of the National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC). We are going to spread 50 cubic meters of stone.

About 60 people traveled by train on Monday evening. Eight were injured. Three of them remain treated at a Blagoevgrad hospital.

The assistant driver is under surveillance for the komo, the head of the train is in orthopedy with a broken blow and the passenger has a head injury. According to regional governor Bisser Mihaylov, people are good.

9 ambulances and fire brigades from Blagoevgrad, Simitli and Razlog immediately set off to a crash after a signal. Rescue teams had to go to the place because it was in a difficult area.

55 passengers are


cable bridges

Struma at the Peyo Yavorov station.

The movement of trains in the direction of Petrich-Blagoevgrad is stopped, announced BDZ and NRIC.

Railway and police rescue teams on Tuesday work to train and clean the route. The aim is to break rock formations to remove them from the path. A technique of stoning has been sent. The movement is expected to be released within 48 hours.

Until then, buses for the transport of passengers between Blagoevgrad, Petrich and Kulata were provided. They will run on the canceled train timetable and serve all the stations and stop on their route.

Alongside the crash site, all the rock walls above the railway line were displayed. Due to the danger of jumping rock mass, the Belitsa-Razlog narrow-gauge station was also temporarily suspended. The decision was made after a regular intervention in the area.

The teams secured the place by throwing stones on their hands.

"The BDZ incident is a classic case of force majeure, ie force majeure," said Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Rosen Žhelyazkov yesterday.

"Thank God, he went without serious trauma, there are three victims, it's very unpleasant because the people who are currently in the field are working in dangerous conditions." "You see what time is the danger of falling down rocks, but these are unfortunate events , which for our happiness disappeared without sacrifice, "the minister said.

Railway inspection is required. According to Zhelyazkov, this is happening on the "daily basis of the national society". Asked what measures should be taken to prevent such incidents, he replied that there should be "ongoing monitoring of railway infrastructure and surrounding circumstances". Zhelyazkov also said there was a need to improve management and implement systems to track the company's deliveries.


route in



is not dangerous,

it was not possible to assume a landslide near Cherniche. Where there are suspicions and we are registered with dangerous sites, they are everyday exploiters, they increase the state of the runway and the rocks, but we can not fight nature, "said BSer Minchev, chief inspector of NRIC security. The track will be seen after cleaning. "At first glance, they are not as big as they are," Minchev said, but the damage to the locomotive was great.

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