Portugal met in Milan against Italy and reached its goal

Italy and Portugal gave a very boring match 0-0 in League A, Group 3 of the League of Nations.

The duel between the two sides was played at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, and the Italians needed victory at all costs to hope they could end up being the first in the group and move closer to the Euro Euro2020. Overall, both teams had interesting opportunities, but the goals did not fall makes an evening hall for the audience.

The Ibers were without big star Cristiano Ronaldo, who was not invited to the tournament on his express wish, and the match was more special for the Italian defender Giorgio Cielini.

He scored his 100th match with the national jersey of the country. After this match Portugal is at the top with 7 points and Italy is the second with two less and the match more. In this way "sailors" secured their first place in the group before the match with Poland.

The meeting began very actively for guests who made a good start shortly after the start of the match, but Inssiere was shot dead by Rui Patricia and eventually Skuadra Adzura failed to reach the desired early goal.

The hosts kept pushing their rivals firmly and making them harder, but the boys, Roberto Mancini, were hard to create situations and should be happy with the game's control.

In 35 minutes, Immobile was in a great position, but for a few meters failed to write and eventually the "Azzurri" missed a great chance to reach the goal after Patricio rescued his shot.

Shortly thereafter, Bonucci barely caught the ball in the opponent's door after a foul, but did not reach a few centimeters to do so.

There were no hits until the break and the result remained zero.

The other half started strongly for the Italians, but again they failed to reach and in the 50th minute Kieza fired the opponent very skillfully.

There was no danger in the next few minutes in front of both doors and the battle was passing around the center of the field circle.

In the 74th minute, Mario made a bad blow, but he crossed the goal and in two minutes Donaruma had to make a fantastic rescue to keep the door behind Carvalho.

The leadership of the two teams continued until the end and ended without goals.


ITALY: Donaruma; Florence, Bonus, Cyelini, Beagles; Verati (81 – Pellegrini), Jorginio, Barrela; Kieza, Immobile (74 – Lasagna), Inssenie

PORTUGAL: Patricio; Cassello, Diss, Fonte, Rui; Pizza (68 – Mario), Carvalho, Neves; Bruno (85 – Gereiro), A. Silva, R. Silva

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