Predictions, Expectations, and Interesting Facts: Most important for the forthcoming Academy Awards

Only two days separate us from the distribution of the most prestigious prizes in the world of cinematography – the Academy Awards on 24 February. users will be able to see the full list of winners on Mondays, minutes after the end of the ceremony. Expect magnificent galleries with enchanting star clothing and exciting tracks from the tours.

Red carpet in front of the Los Angeles Los Angeles Theater is paved. It is about 10 meters wide and its length is more than 250 meters and covers a part of Hollywood Boulevard, which is usually quite busy. Within a week the section of the road will be closed in connection with the ceremony. In the charming night of the Oscar, more than 600 limos of movie stars, filmmakers and filmmakers will take over the car park.

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"We are constantly receiving calls that an important person has to go very fast," says Norman Kinard, responsible for the organization of cars.

After the ceremony, laureates will celebrate the traditional dinner. They will cook for them star gourmet chef Wolfgang Puk, who has been in this role for 25 years.

Anelotti s black truffle and chocolate statuettescovered with edible gold are part of the dishes that are preparing for a grand dinner. One of the traditional Puke Creatures is a toast with fresh cream, smoked salmon and caviar shaped as a covered statuette. They will be 3500.

This year's ceremony promises to be more than the enchanting musical performance of rock giants Queen and Adam Lambert. So is the duo Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, which will make an unmistakable Shallow hit in 2018. Everyone is waiting for a lively romantic couple who lives after they together together introduced themselves only once at a singer's concert in Vegas.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Bing predicts that director Alfonso Cuarro "Roma" will win the most prestigious "Best Film" sculpture.

According to predictions Rami Maleck is a popular star in the actor category and is expected to win Glenn Claude among women.

"Shallow" has a 73% chance of winning a prize.

Curiously this is the musical performance of this year's ceremony historically connected.

Lady Gaga once accepted her name from Queen "Radio Gaga" when she loves the band.

Another curious fact is that Christian Bale and Amy Adams take part for the third time in the film for which they are nominated for an Oscar. This year, Bale and Adams were nominated for their reincarnation in Dicka and Lynn Cheney's visions at Vixa. The two films that he co-sponsors and then receive Oscar nominations are The Fighter (2010) and The American Scheme (2013). Only Christian Bale won the desired award – "Actor supporting role" for "The Fighter".

While Mahershala Ali (the Green Book), considered to be a favorite winner of this year's Oscar for supporting actress, has all the chances of triumph again in the same category she was awarded two years ago for her performance at Moonlight.

Glenn Claude is currently an Academy Award nominee without an Oscar nomination. This year, however, things can change for a 71-year-old veteran.

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