Review of Pirin Razlog – Hebar – Volleyball – BG Volleyball

Hebar Pazardzhik's mentor Atanas Petrov commented on the success of the team over Pirin Razlog in the 4th round of the volleyball championship.

"It was an interesting game, we made a lot of mistakes, we were nervous, it was important that we did the wrong part and we won the victory," he said after success.

"Chalakov got well, Bajrev also has psychological stability on the bench, Spas Bajrev has unique qualities, I can use it in any match that is in better form to play." It's hard to play, we come from a big hall in a small one that reflects. Today we had a problem. Today we did not get very much into the attack as we have done so far. It is that we managed to calm down, took the fourth match and match. With Neftochimic it is possible that there is no favorite in this game We are hosts, we play against the champion, but we are aiming to improve better every year next year, this year we are better after CSKA and Dobrudja, we can see if we can to fight for the final, "he said.

Volleyball chief Ventsi Ragin commented on the victory of the team over Pirin Razlog with a 3-1 match in the match of the fourth round of the home championship.

"At first glance it seemed easy, but Razlog played hard, we knew that." The hosts served a lot, we crashed a bit, but we stabilized things and won, "he said.

"Pirin Razlog played quite well, made us difficult, the most important goal was to get the host offensive, we still need to do more work, it was our heaviest game today, two years in Qatar, the first year I was champion, I was second, Bulgaria champion, I have goals, Neftohimik will be a final, "he added.

On the defeat of Hebar with 1: 3 Pirin Razlog, Miroslav Zhivkov commented.

"I want to congratulate the volleyball players of both teams for making an interesting and nice match, equivalent to volleyball dignity, real derby, good game, congratulations to our competitors, making easy points, we have to improve the meeting as the team managed to be different, game to draw conclusions. "

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