Rossen Petrov is still under the knife! He turned with colossal sum for a new nose – Blitz

Former MEP and TV host Rossen Petrov led his performance "Operations: History" on "Bulgaria in the air" with drastically improved appearance, writes Weekend. The nose on the right side of Slavi Trifon's needs more corrections to look like before, but at least not surprised by his ominous sight.

We remind you that Rosen underwent surgery at the world-renowned clinic of Dr. Alpha in Paris, one of the leaders in reconstructive surgery. Intervention in the ultra-modern hospital is not in the pocket of ordinary ordinary mortals. For the transplantation of new cartilage, according to our sources Petrov knocked about 30,000 euros.

Five years ago, when he led "Let's talk" about the BBC, Rosen suffered a drunken fight. While he was training the box himself, the surprising step in his olfactory body was fatal. After the defeat, Petrov's nose broke and the octopus fell. It caused severe purulent infections and pains. Delayed speech and peeling were not secret to the audience, and Rosen's hurrying people rushed to spread the rumor that she was broadcasting two brandy.

The truth, however, proved much more dramatic. After the fight Petrov suffered complications from the broken nose and had a long time to drink strong medications. Anxiety slowed his reaction, and his speech was completely incomprehensible. Medications prescribed by doctors led to fluid retention and allergic reactions, of which the journalist-politician looked bloated.

For the "Let's Talk" rating, he does not want to give up his chair for another or for one show. For years, his nose looked shorter, flattened and as if broken in two.

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