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Rumyana Bachvarová for the record of Boila Banova: It's illegal

BSP has not stopped shooting at GERB. Today we witnessed another attack. The government and the GERB will not be afraid, because after years of government we accept them as part of the present. What really worries me is that this increase in pressure is reflected in the attitudes of the public. Prime Minister Rumyana Bachvarova, the head of the cabinet, announced on the TV show "More of the Day" on the occasion of the Elena Yoncheva report on corruption talks Minister of Culture Boil Banov since he was Deputy Minister.

"Today's example is indicative – responsible politicians can not afford such a thing." On the day of the Congress, the BSP announced that it would bring an investigation against the Council of Ministers and corrupt ministerial practices, MS is a collective body that says, "I think it's a minister, we see the embezzlement of the tension, and I'm sorry Elena Yonchev because the two days is the BSP banner and today is the person who uses all sorts of things that it was? I think Ms. Nin has to learn some terms and learn what institution it means, can we say that the whole government suffers from corruption? "Bachvarova said.

According to Bachvar, there is a limit of admissibility, personal morality that can not be exceeded. You can not at least look for who you are to blame. It is a wild, endless, ruthless political campaign, "said Borisov's chief of staff.

Asked whether Banov would be out of office, Bachvarova said he was ready to prepare today, but the prime minister estimated that, until it became clear whether there was a crime, I was waiting for this matter.

GERB remains the first political force, so far we have not had such a phenomenon. 10 years is a very long period of political power or party. The behavior of GERB is something that people still believe in us, says Bachvarová.

For the upcoming European elections she said that GERB was the party that had the biggest reasons for fighting for voters because it showed the strongest pro-European behavior and proved it could defend the Bulgarian interest in Brussels.

The question of whether early elections are waiting for us, Bachvarova said, for one year, all those who are GERB's opposition are talking about early elections and do not know why.

Bachvarova also commented on the institutional crisis in relations between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency.

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