: Stoica Petrov with World Boxing Medal :: Monitor.cz

After a series of judging "breasts" for women at the World Boxing Championships for women in India came good news. Petrova's stand qualified for the semi-finals at a cat. to 54 kg and secure the smallest bronze medal in the championship. In the 1st and 4th finals, the Bulgarian woman managed to host the host of Manis Maun by decision 4: 1 – 30:27, 29:28, 29:28, 27:30, 30:27. The scandal is that the only vote in favor of the Moon was given by an Indian judge.

For a place in the final on November 22, Stojka Petrov will stand against the tough Mongolian Nandinseceg Myagmardulam, who defeated Zohra Zahrawi from Morocco.

33-year-old Bulgaria became the European champion in Sofia in June and the silver medal from the last World Cup in Astana in 2016. The only medal for Bulgaria came from New Delhi after our five deputies left the fight earlier without the assistance of judges. Before the day, another Stanimira Petrov medal winner fell scandalously, which was visibly damaged by Indian Sonia. It turns out that after his coach Peter Lesov and Stanimira himself is investigating international federations because of their claims in the local media that the world's judges are "spoiled". As is clear, Leskov remained without accreditation because of his stormy reaction against the decision of the judges to his graduate.

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