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Tensions after stopping Stolipin drug sales – news from Bulgaria

For the tensions in Stolipin's largest Roma neighborhood after the arrest of drug dealers bTV reports.

The TV shows that there is a strong presence nearby.

The police have campaigned against drug proliferation. Four people are detained. About 1 kilogram of drugs were seized.

Approximately 500 people gathered in front of the place where the search took place. People say the police entered the facility, broke everything upright, even reported beating.

"They want to kill us, this evening it will be terrible," the reporter told the residents of Stolipinovo in Plovdiv.

She later reported "24 hours" when she quoted the police as saying that the tension in the neighborhood was under control. The Interior Ministry reported that the Gypsy Assembly before the administration of the Assenovgrad District was due to a detainee.

In action, the well-known drug dealer Krichim-Kadrito was detained, Nova TV informs, referring to traffic news. When arresting a drug dealer, about 300 occupation forces tried to stop the action. This has also led to escalation of tension.

The correspondent of the BNT announced that the actions are now closed and the situation in the neighborhood is calm.

Details of the results of the event will be announced today.


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