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Prince Harry:

Prince Harry called for HIV testing, the BBC said.

"When you do the HIV test, you have to be proud of yourself, do not move," said the 34-year-old British prince in a new section of the disease prevention video.

Prince Harry:

This week, UK will run a free HIV test campaign promoted by Harry.

"In our society, there is still a great deal of inconvenience and stigma in this matter, which prevents us from doing a quick, easy and extremely painless test, and we will not stop the spread of HIV if we do not think the tests are normal and completely accessible," he said.

Prince Harry:

Megan Markle also helps her husband spread the cause around the world

Royal Princess Diana, the Prince's mother, influenced the positive public opinion of AIDS / HIV when she opened her hospital unit in London's Middlesex hospital in 1987 and shuffled with the patient carrying the virus before pulling out the gloves.

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