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The race with students turned Aytos, the look is terrible (PHOTOS)

Around the main road between the cities of Aitos and Karnobat, a school bus with three children crashed. The event lasted about 15 hours at the junction of the villages of Chernograd and Chukarka, states Flagman, quoting eyewitnesses.

The bus overturned, the door removed to remove the children. Other participants in the road race are Mercedes-van and Audi A6. Both vehicles that hit the bus have Burgas registration.

It is not clear who is guilty and whose advantage is taken at the moment, there is damage to both Mercedes and Audi. The bus is mournful.

The bus driver should turn left to enter the secondary road to Chukarka. He is most likely distracted. He was on the main road of Aytos-Karnobat and had to turn left onto Chukark.

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The children are from the village of Chukarka, traveled to their home from the central school in Pirne, and the disaster became a fork in Černograd.

The children are from Chukarka and travel to their homes, returning from class to Hristo Botev Elementary School in Pirna.

"Parents are calm, not seriously injured, only one child complained of having headaches and being taken to an ambulance in a Burgas hospital, two more children had no visible injuries," said Aytos Mayor Vassil Edrev.

A little later the mayor stated that the students on the bus were ninth grade and were taught at NJVaptsarov Central School in Aytos.
After leaving for research he is a boy and he is located in UMHAT-Bourgas.


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