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Unexpected Jennifer Lopez showed the world that despite 49 years of age she is in great shape. She took a provocative dress at one of her last photo sessions and showed an incredible body. Pop Wild uses costly body care products and one of the best fitness instructors is available.

However, these things are not available to most women of their own age. And how do ordinary ladies look for 49 years in the same sexy outfit?

Several beautiful and confident 49 year old women decided to recreate the famous Jaguar photo. They were filmed in original green dresses and the results were remarkable.

Claire David

For a long time, Claire was struggling with an extra pound. She has already lowered her characters but is motivated to continue fighting fat.

Yumiko Hanasska

She is a fascinating teacher in the British capital and admits that, like most women, she dreams she looks like Jay Lo. Yumiko confesses that when she was 20, she did not think about her personality and she looked great, but today she must keep yoga and horse riding.

Julian Formolac

Juliana works as a teacher and admits she now feels much better and more confident than when she was 20 years old. She trains daily and is satisfied with her type. However, like all women of her age, she has a little stomach. She thinks her legs are the most difficult part of her body, so she's paying her maximum attention. She regularly plays squash and takes part in group training.

Sara Fola Eddo

Sarah is a lonely mother. She has two daughters aged 16 and 29 who are still living with her. The most important thing about her is to love her body and do not worry. Yet it is not easy for Sarah to get rid of and act like a star. He works in a pharmaceutical company and is trying to consider the opportunity to become a model of the day, making her life more entertaining.

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