Toma Bikov threw a big bomb for Borissov and other elections

I do not rule out that Borissov will become prime minister for the fourth time. This was stated for TV Nova by MP Tom Bikov.

He expressed confidence that the GERB presidential candidate would defeat Rumen Radev, and explained that it was not excluded that the next Bulgarian president would be prime minister.

“Boyko Borissov should be praised for being responsible for the government in these difficult times for the whole world. It deserves respect. An easier option was not to have a government,” said GERB MP Toma Bikov.

According to him, the decision to close the country in March was correct. We must now ensure that hospitals are able to deal with the pandemic. No one wants a new lock and the state is not interested, he said.

“The pandemic will probably be part of the election campaign. These months are equal to years. Just because someone went out to protest does not mean that there will be a revolution or a revolutionary situation in the country. There will be no social protests, but that does not “Added Bikov.

According to him, the main problem is that “Bulgarian society is currently very divided. The protests in the summer were protests by the center against the periphery. These protests remained completely misunderstood by the periphery, “he said, adding that GERB was interested in the periphery.

According to him, Borissov is not a dictator. “If he were a dictator, there would be no protests at all. Political morality is different from universal morality,” GERB said.

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