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Toyota Prius 4×4, but only up to 10 km / h – Automotive News

The Los Angeles Motor Show debuts Toyota's updated hybrid. Prius modifications include substantial salon improvements, cosmetic exterior changes, and, most importantly, the AWD-e system. the latter will initially be offered only in Japan and is in the form of additional equipment.

In the new rear axle transmission an additional 7.2-horsepower electric motor is installed. It is his task to assist the vehicle when starting, but only works at 10 km / h. Once this minimum speed has been reached, the electric motor is switched off and the vehicle re-engages only in front transmission.

The electromotor that supports the rear wheels when starting off can be switched on briefly by the electronics in the event of a spur on the front wheels in order to stabilize the vehicle. But here too are speed restrictions. This can only happen at 69 km / h.

Otherwise the main aggregate from the hybrid tract is well known. It is a 1.8 liter internal combustion engine with a power of 96 horsepower. The electric motor in the powertrain brings the system power to 122 horsepower. For AWD-e cars, ion-lithium batteries will be replaced with nickel-metal hydrides.

Outwardly refurbished Prius can be recognized on new headlamps and front bumper as well as on rear-mounted rear lights. In the saloon, the most noticeable change is related to a new, vertically positioned, 11.6-inch screen. Otherwise, the Japanese state that they have substantially improved the materials and assembly itself.

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