Two years after Hitrino's tragedy, they released 23 keys to new homes

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"In two winters I did not have a roof over my head, but now I will be the absolute leader of my house." This is what journalist Kolyo Tsachev of Hitrino said. He and 22 other people got the keys for their new homes during an official ceremony in the village.

"Everything that people have lost is 100 percent and even more restored," said Mayor Nuridin Ismail, "because such a revival could dream of other regions that have suffered disasters." He noted that there are many people and organizations that Hitrino rewards.

More than a year ago, Nuridin Ismail promised to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov Hitrino to become a "doll". Almost two years after the explosion, which killed seven people, injured 29 and destroyed dozens of buildings, the village was not fully restored. The incident happened on December 10, 2016 after the derailment of a traction traction containing propane.

Half a year, residents of the village received packed food, water, home, and firewood. According to GRAO, Hitr lives in 801 people.

The state and the European Commission were a generous village, which received CZK 30 million for reconstruction (not all funds have been used yet). Citizens and companies donated nearly 1.7 million and the Bulgarian Red Cross campaign collected over 2 million lions. To support the restoration of the village, some 170 thousand leva contributed to the political parties.

New 23 houses, 151 repaired

Today 23 buildings were built with funds and another 151 were restored, said Mayor Nuridin Ismail.

Twelve new homes were built from the Social Protection Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Another 10 projects were built and donated by large construction companies – GBS, Ge Group, Geostroy and Geotechmin, AT Engineering 2000, Bilddyx and Midia Group Holding, Hydrostroy, Planex, Trace Group Hold, Highway and Crystal Water ", announced the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.

GERB donated funds from the subsidy to the side with which a new house was built.

So with today's date of construction there are two more houses. Their construction is delayed due to the great administrative procedures. Bureaucracy and interpersonal conflicts are the basis for delaying the process. For some destroyed houses there were no records of ownership, other owners were entitled to build larger houses, said Mediapool former mayor Nuridin Ismail.

Due to people's dissatisfaction and complaints, Ombudsman Maya Manol turned to the Public Prosecutor's Office asking for a check on how the money was spent. In charges of abuse, Mayor Nuridin Ismail became a political assault. A year ago he was excluded from the DPS line. The party of Ahmed Dogan first accused the mayor of irresponsibility.

Today, during the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Lazar Lazarov said that "o-public disaster recovery process such as Hitrino's. "The process has been described as a" revival partnership "- between state institutions, local authorities, professional communities and the BRC.


Recently built new houses include Kolyo Tsachev. The first year after the blast he made the winter Crisis Center in Shumna and others in the infirmary. Today "is the absolute trainer of his home," Tsachev said. He specified that there had been some delay due to confusion with the notarial record. His buildings were not restored, but Radi Darik says it's no problem for him. She says she's happy with her new home.

His neighbor, Grandma Yonka Deleva, is also in a new home. Is smaller from the old and there is no basement, explains the old woman before Darik. It's during the blast It is she was in Shumen with her son and daughterbecause it was operated. Now he's gone home home. Pnear the repairs the household was destroyed, there was little money spent on her recovery, says the woman.

Mayor Hitrino Nuridin Ismail explain, that Granny Yonka has long lived on property and that it is not right to have any claims.

The neighboring house, with his grandmother Jonka, is also new. They live in it Nadriya and Rahmi, who say they are happy. After a family explosion first lived with relatives in a neighboring village and then with a cottage. Their daughter has returned from Germany and helped them settle down again.

Mayor: We first rebuilt homes and now is the order of infrastructure

Mayor Ismail pointed out that they had first resurrected the destroyed houses of people in the explosion who live in the village. Infrastructure needs to be restored now and the funds come mainly from the rural development program.

"I want to thank the state, we have not stayed in harsh days, and within a few days we have not only secured funds that could have been easier, but we also found a way to spend state resources to restore private land," Ismail said.

"With the Chamber of Architects and Designers, we started working on a document about village renewal, thanks to their efforts we came to build houses that are donated by construction companies." Six months later, the preparation of the documents took place for months, making two-story houses that give the village a different look, "recalls Ishmael.

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