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Vashi Rashidov: Banov did not tell me they kick him because he is a proud man

Neither the blue nor the red lamp – the Prime Minister's silence is deafening, Ninova said

Minister of Culture, Boil Banov, did not mention that he was banned from his then head and current chairman of the Culture Committee Veždi Rashidov. This was explained by Rashid himself to parliamentarians in parliament yesterday.

On the second day, the National Assembly is disturbed by scandals with sound recordings left on Wednesday by Elena Yonchev's left deputy. They have been since Rasid's minister of culture, while Boil Banov was his deputy. According to the editor, it is clear that the current minister gives instructions for counterfeiting documents, so the Larko contractor does not pay sanctions so the state is losing 700 thousand leva. The court is paid a court for payment of this fine, said a few days ago GERB. Minister Banov has revealed that for several years he has been charged with the records of the former minister at the Angel Angelov Ministry.

"Boil Banov did not mention being kidnapped because he is a proud man, why should I report as a student?

He's working hard

man, I can not

not to say anything

I'm not saying I'm for someone. I always stand by law, "Rashidov said.

In fact, the delay in the construction of Lark is the culprit of the Plamen Oresharsky government, he said.

"In Germany, when I was in the hospital, I was informed that there was an opportunity to lose 3 million euros. Do you realize that it is necessary to get into the Treasury of the ministry – even a small budget – to cover the loss of European money?", Said Rashidov. He even broke the treatment and returned to Bulgaria to find a solution.

"When I saw they were slow,

we talked to him

people are doing

can calmly

calmly yes

keep the deadline,

we will not lose it


The whole problem is in these 30 days for which the Oresharsky government is blamed. One year in plastic bags is an object, "he added.

Meanwhile, an affair named Yoncheva "Alo, Banov" provoked a scandal in the plenary hall.

"The model of control of the three Borisov cabinets can be described as" Alo, corruption "or" Alo, theft. "This is a backstage model where political power, part of the judiciary and shadow business are common for personal interest and personal pocket, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova.

"GERB members immediately called the information provided by compromises and chaises, but Deputy Prime Minister Donchev ordered a check in which country is the Deputy Prime Minister, who orders control and deals with the slums?" She continued. On Wednesday, Sofia City Mayor Yordanka Fandakova denied that the municipality had put money on the smirk project, Ninova continued her statement and immediately read Fandak's quotation at the opening of her workplace, saying she had been given $ 6 million.

"The silence of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is silent – there are no blue and red lamps, and suddenly the lights in the Council of Ministers are gone," Ninova concluded.

GERB and United Patriots immediately joined the statements. "Ms. Yoncheva is not a journalist, but a deputy.


journalists no

sits here in the middle

MEPs ", the first Tom Bikov said. According to him, Yonchev's records come from meeting people from a "group of organized crime for extortion of officials in various state institutions". Such meetings could explore journalists, but Yonchev is a politician.

"There is no investigation." According to General Pencho Milko, you received these records three days ago and you tapped them at a press conference without verifying that the Ministry of Culture has filed a case on this case, MP MP.

"This journalist, who is really controversial about how he is such a journalist, can not in any way be perceived as a person who delivers true and truthful facts, and I think it was all clear to us in our current activities." On November 13, 2017 publicly screened and presented her film about legends in which no truth was present, just lies and suggestions, "said former Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov. According to him, Yonchev even tripled the capture of illegal migrants and made a report.



with Elena Yoncheva,

he will do it eventually


prison ",

BSP recommended on.

Yoncheva listened carefully to her statement, then laughed beside her, only announcing that she was waiting for the prosecutor to turn to her.

"We are ready to report to Alo and Banovo on the affair, providing all the information," she said.

Read "24 hours" and understand everything, Deputy Minister Sachéva advises

"Against Angel Angelov, who warned Boil Banov of the culture minister as the man who put him in the records, there are signs that he tried to jeopardize the Executive Director's" Operational Program "Science and Education for Smart Growth".

The Deputy Minister of Education, Denitsa Sachéva, told the TV channel. "Read" 24 hours "and you'll understand everything," she recommended. Yesterday, we wrote that MES manager Kiril Geratliev was questioning in Angelos and started removing him from the projects. Which the man who saw Boil Banov answered with a threat. He told Geratliev to break down his program. Geratliev filed a complaint with the police. He informed the MES leadership that they cared for car tires, the deputy minister said.

Sachéva explained that there is evidence that Angelov is related to people who work on EU projects and that they want to go to a particular contractor.

Boil Banov: Now, my child, where will she learn until it is clear that it is negligent?

Lambo was accused of advising him to appeal for a moment

"Where will my child teach me when he becomes a prosecutor until it is clear that everything is negligent? I have to take him home in private." Yesterday, Minister of Culture Boil Banov told Nova TV. "To reach the Minister of Culture in this infantile way, as if you have reached the whole culture," he concluded. Attacks against him intensified after his visit to Russia and the Hermitage Treaty.

Bánov said that his resignation could be regarded as granted to the Prime Minister Bojka Borisov, who nevertheless advised him not to give up. "They want Boyko to remove me because he does, and here you are one shot," the minister said. And he explained, "It's a terrible, uncontrolled sleep: they took a couple of blackmailers, took a piece of them and hit me. I wonder if Yoncheva will get acquainted with these blacksmiths, but that will hit me badly because I'm not a politician, I have learned to swallow such things. "

Banovi, who made the first interview for "24 Hours" – on Wednesday, when the scandal erupted, once again assured the record against him was a hit and a compilation. Many colleagues – not only from GERB, but also from Yoncheva, called him for support. The Minister admitted that Stefan Danailov had offended him: "I expected the Master to support me, we had known it for a long time, and I read that I had to retire when she went in. It was good, Master!"

"The right of the opposition is to criticize, but it is too much in advance," Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Doncev told Nova TV.


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