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Daily consumption of a drink can maintain a healthy heart and significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This shows a new study by a team of scientists from the University of Western Australia.

Large-scale research lasts 23 years, with experts analyzing more than 53,000 volunteers, 12,000 of whom suffer from heart problems.

Experts monitored and analyzed the diet of participants in the experiment. They found that consumption of products containing about 500 milligrams of flavonoids protects against various diseases, including stroke, ischemic disease and arterial disease.

Flavonoids are most commonly known for their effects as antioxidants in the human body. In this function, they help neutralize over-reacting oxygen-containing molecules and prevent the destruction of cells from these molecules.

Flavonoids are an incredible variety of more than 6,000 different substances found in almost all plants, causing yellow, orange and red hues. There are many chemical groups of substances in them.

By examining their effects on the human body and calculating the optimal amount to be taken daily, scientists have come to the conclusion that the best source of flavonoids is a cup of tea.

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One cup of a warm herbal drink contains approximately 500 milligrams of flavonoids, the body's amount needed to reduce the risk of heart disease and the entire cardiovascular system.

Experts also note that it is very appropriate to give up alcohol and cigarettes because they prevent the beneficial properties of flavonoids.

It has also been discovered that the purpose of some herbal teas is to soothe and improve the nervous system by relieving symptoms, relaxing your body and soul, improving sleep and controlling your blood pressure.

They also reduce irritability and remove pain in the muscles and head, relieve convulsions, palpitations, tachycardia, depression,

Did you write a tea salad?

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If it is not, you can try it because this green leafy vegetables has a sedative effect that is suitable for irritation and nervousness. Helps relieve nerves and improves sleep while driving the heart.

In the past, our grandmothers and grandparents knew about the advantageous properties of lettuce and used not only for salads.

For lettuce use several leaves, cooked in hot water.

According to another baby's recipe, you should give a lettuce in the water where you buy a baby to sleep at night.

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