A man arrested in connection with the alleged SkyTrain – BC attack

UPDATE: Transit police say the suspect was identified and arrested.

Transit police are looking for a man who wanted them in connection with an apparent hate crime allegedly committed on SkyTrain on September 28th.

Police say about 2:30. that on Friday two young men, same-sex married couple, boarded SkyTrain Station at Waterfront Station. As a couple moved into the train, a man kicked the leg of one of the young men, says the police. The man then left his post and "aggressively" approached the younger man, the police add.

The police say the victim was disturbed in fear because the suspect raised his hand as if struck while shouting at obscenities and homophobic insults.

WATCH: Police investigation of a possible hate crime on SkyTrain

Another unidentified passenger pulled the suspect out of the victim while the victim's husband pushed the yellow emergency belt into the train. The police say the suspect was aggressive again against the victim. There was another harassment in which police say the suspect hit his husband in his face and knocked on his glasses.

When the train arrived at Granville SkyTrain, the police said the suspect was trying to kick one of the men into his stomach, and then stepped out of the train and spat on the other man's face. The suspect continued to accumulate unrest and homophobic remarks about the couple when he left.

A man arrested in connection with an alleged hate crime against a Muslim teenager from Canada

The couple was assisted by SkyTrain employees and taken to the hospital for minor injuries, where they were later released.

Anyone who has information about a suspect or who has witnessed an incident is asked to contact the Metro Vancouver Transit Police line at 604-516-7419 or copy them using code 87-77-77. See file 2018-17964.

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