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A woman who has trained her foot in the fall must have both AMPUTATED worms after infection

The woman drastically decided that her legs would be amputated after waking up one morning to find the lungs that crawled the worms on her limb.

Victoria Abbott-Fleming, now 40, was down the stairs and assumed she suffered a simple cut and tiny bruises.

But the wounds would change her forever, leave her in constant agony, and eventually lead to the loss of both her legs.

She even considered she would take her own life when her right leg got so infected that she woke up one day to be born with live worms, according to Wales Online.

"I went to the lounge and saw something in my leg moving, and I thought my eyes were lying to me," Victoria said, remembering the moment she discovered the worms.

"When I saw how it seemed to me that I had dropped a shrill scream and disappeared, my husband thought they had murdered me.

Victoria assumed that her leg pain was the result of a minor fall


"The only way to get rid of them was to put the disinfectant in the water and throw it on me.

"But my leg was so painful she felt she had a sour bath."

Victoria, who studied at the University of Aberystwyth and recently had a bar test, was only 24 years old when she took several concrete steps in November 2003.

Victoria said the pain in her legs made her feel sick when she fell down the stairs

"When I stood up, the pain immediately hit me. I felt bad," she added.

"I did not know if I broke anything at that time, but my car was about 100 meters away so I got to him.

"I called my husband and ran into tears, we were about four miles away, and we wanted to go home, so I rode-even though I do not remember it."

The hair on Victoria's right leg was unbearable

The moment she came home, she said her right leg from her knee "tripled".

Rather than going to A & E, she decided to visit a walk-in center where she received anti-drooping drugs and her wound was dressed.

"I was playing hockey a lot, so I was used to injury, but I never had that," he added.

"Pain seemed like a boiling oil that I poured 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, or like a hammer that hit me in the bone, it never disappeared.

"We went to the hospital after the hospital, the doctor after the doctor, the consultant after the counselor – I think we've seen a total of 39 – and none of them gave any explanation why I got this pain.

"Many of them told me that it was psychological, Depression hit me quite badly and got me on tablets, but it only made the situation worse, and in the smallest things I would get tears like advertising on television.

The ulcers on the right foot Victoria began to "smell like rotting meat"

"Because there were no answers, I started to doubt myself and I thought maybe I dreamed it and the pain was in my head."

Six months after the fall, Victoria was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a condition normally caused by injury, but it would end up much more severe and longer than would normally be expected.

Despite being classified as a precious condition, it is estimated to affect approximately 15,000 people every year in the UK.

"I was relieved that I would finally be called a condition. Finally, I felt justified and proved I could not do it," she added.

Before her injury, Victoria was athletic and leaving

"I was without support, at that time Google was not as it was, so I could find it very little."

Because of her constant pain, Victoria ended up losing her job and becoming a virtual rescue just to leave her house to go to the hospital.

"If I went shopping I would have to be very careful not to touch or touch my feet," she said.

"But until 2005 I was in a wheelchair and I could not even wear my boots, and I felt like a sour shower with the shower.

"My husband fell in love with a sporty, sporty, extrovert type, but I became a devil with a constant cloud over me. I just did not feel like me."

The Victoria of the tissue and bones on the right leg began to lose

As its right leg worsened further, it caused atrophy, when the skin, tissues and bones of the affected limbs simply lost.

The ulcers, swelling, and "elephant skin" began to emerge soon, which came with a terrible scent.

"People could feel me before they could see me. It was like rotten meat," she said.

"I took a lot of situations before the other person could say," Can you feel it? "I wanted to kill myself."

Victoria and Michael decided to join the knot before my legs were amputated

But in August 2006, when Victoria woke up at the age of 26, she discovered the bottom of the mine and found that her foot was going through worms.

"You automatically assume that worms are so dirty, so I felt incredibly dirty," she said.

"Even before worms appeared, I knew I could not continue with this leg, so I decided it would be amputated."

In April 2006, Victoria and partner Michael decided to get married while having two legs, with amputations just above the right knee being held in September of the following year.

Victoria left her leg before being amputated

She had another four centimeters pulled out before the condition spread to her left leg amputated just before her 36th birthday in December 2014.

"When I got to my left leg I saw a world expert at the CRPS who said she could do nothing," she added.

"The Amputace took place two days before my birthday and spent the day in intensive care, not the best way to spend it, right?"

Victoria, who feels swelling and pain in his stomach legs, now takes 57 tablets every day.

She earned a £ 2.1 million paycheck from the workplace where she was falling – although she says most of them went to health accounts and moving home.

Victoria and Michael in Las Vegas for her 40th birthday in December 2018

But rather than avoiding her terrible suffering Derbyshire, resident Victoria has established a charity called Burning Nights that raises awareness of CRPS and supports supporters around the world.

He is also launching a parliamentary campaign with MEP Ruth George to get further research on a devastating nervous state.

"Patients with CRPS often have mental health and financial problems, as well as marriages and family breakdowns, which are mostly forgotten, doctors still do not know enough about it."

Learn more about status and support at burningnightscrps.org.

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