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Alberta promises $ 1.53B for the "most ambitious" Green LRT line in Calgary

Alberta Prime Minister Rachel Notley promised $ 1.53 billion to the Calgary Green Line LRT project called "The Most Ambitious LRT Project in Calgary History."

The Green Line would be massive public transport that would fly 46 kilometers to 28 stations from 16 Avenue North to Seton in the southeastern city.

"It's really a great day for Calgary," Notley said Wednesday in downtown Calgary.

He presented funds to Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Finance Minister Joe Cecim on the 10th avenue and Macleod Trail S.E., where he is working on preparing for the construction of a green line.

The green line is progressing. This first segment, which should begin in 2020, was previously promised

The federal government has previously earmarked $ 1.53 billion for this first phase, running from 16 avenue North to 126 Avenue S.E. Work is expected to begin early in 2020.

On Wednesday, the province signed an agreement with the city of Calgary, which provides both promised investments, Notley said.

The first segment is scheduled to open in 2026, and capital cost is expected to be $ 4.65 billion.

Environment, community, jobs

The funds come from Alberta's climate plan, she said. Carbon revenue is used through this plan to finance projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This project will improve transit services, which in turn adds more people to trains instead of cars, Notley said.

"The Green Line is the largest transit project in Calgary history that will change the way Calgarians move around the city, creating huge social and economic benefits for the next generation," Notley said.

"It's good for the economy, it's good for the community, it's great for the environment and it's great for everyone in Calgary."

It also estimated that the construction will create thousands of jobs and encourage private development along the line.

Prime Minister Rachel Notley says the Green Line Agreement will also provide federal funding. (Monty Kruger / CBC)

Nenshi said the green line, once completed, will double the current Lightgate network in Calgary and move more than 60,000 people a day.

"Now that this treaty is signed, it means we can continue," the mayor said.

"We can move forward to get this project on the market so that we can create 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in Calgary – which is absolutely critical of economic incentives."

Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Prime Minister Rachel Notley announced that the province will provide $ 1.53 billion for the first segment of the green line, bringing in total $ 3 billion of external funding. (Monty Kruger / CBC)

In the past, Jason Kenney, head of the Conservative Conservative Party, has questioned the source of funding for climate change projects.

"I reject the assumption that carbon tax finances these projects," Kenney recently told CBC.

"This is just a political billing trick. There is one general income fund for Alberta that includes all income, including carbon tax revenues."

He promised to cut taxes if he is elected in this year's provincial election. Notley, in turn, said that if the carbon tax were canceled, the green line would be canceled.

According to the province's electoral legislation, the election treaty became the closest between March 1 and May 31, 2019.

The green line notice states that the contracting language can be tightened to ensure funding if a change occurs in the government.

However, she said that if Kenney was elected and wanted to change the funding, he could by adopting legislation.

"If the Climate Management Plan is to be abolished … many, many programs that are funded by it will disappear," Notley said before pointing to a nearby transit building.

"And what we're going to do is the hole in this part of Calgary as proof of that kind of" foreseeable. ""

"The train has left the station"

Nenshi noted that preparatory construction had already begun and the procurement process would be launched immediately.

"The project is building, there are holes in the country, there will be more holes in the country," Nenshi told reporters.

"So, of course, the legislator could do anything. They could have dissolved the city of Calgary tomorrow if they really wanted to … But in reality, this train has left the station."

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