Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass is Zenith's technological success

Camera phone that can be seen in the dark? A robot vacuum that can be emptied? Those silly things in 2018 may sound innovative – until you find the astonishment that Billy Bass Big Mouth is under control of Alexy.Credit: Gemmy IndustriesCredit: Gemmy Industries

Now available for pre-order for just $ 40, the new Big Mouth Billy Bass can connect directly to the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other Alexa device. And then you can talk to the fish on your wall so you can play music, control other smart home appliances, answer questions and more.

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The best part? Big Mouth Billy Pass will enjoy synchronization with spoken answers Alexy, as well as texts with Amazon Music, obviously. And yes, the fish will dance with rhythm and music.

Amazon's list also says Billy Bass will respond to timers, alerts, and alarms. And for those who are nostalgic, he sings the original song "Fishing" from the classic version of this cultural treasure from 1999.

As The Verge said, developer Brian Kane was the first to hack Billy Bass to join Alexa's API in 2016. And now Gemmy Industries makes this dream a reality for the masses.

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