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An officer who killed a woman had previously killed a person in accordance with duty

Calgary policeman, const. Stephen Cook leaves Calgary Courts on December 18, 2013. Darren Makowichuk / Calgary Sun / QMI Agency

The officer, who died mortally on December 25, 2018 and killed 29-year-old Stacey Perry, injured Calgary in 2011.

Konst. Stephen Cook, a ten-year-old veteran with the Calgary Police Service, fired at Perry after he was credited with a female officer after dangerous driving.

Filming is being investigated by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. The chef has a 30-day holiday.

In 2011, Cook made Corwin (Corey) Peeace, 40, four times after Erin Woods's home breach.

During a subsequent investigation into the deaths in 2013, Cook said he had fired a gun in line with the South African Police Service and the British Army deployed in Iraq.

Cook told his lawyer Willie deWit during the investigation that he was sent home after Peeace's common wife, Vanessa Severight, called 911, who could not speak freely.

The callback can be hit by a man in the background who says, "You die tonight." Cook said he pulled out his firearm, kicked the door, and based on what he said was an immediate threat to the woman, Peeace four times.

"If he brought the knife down, he would kill her on her neck or shoulder, I believed he was about to stab this woman, and I expected her to die today as I heard," Cook said.

The Facebook page of Stacey Perry's photo, her friends and family, found that she had a person killed by Calgary Police Christmas morning.

Shortly after midnight Christmas morning, Perry tirelessly followed the 9th grade and Blackfoot Trail S.E. in the gray Honda Accord coupe with B.C. SPZ. The officers tried to stop the vehicle because of suspicion of aggravated driving.

However, she could not drag it. While riding the northwest city, the police said she was running red light with fluctuating speeds.

There has also been an attempt at another two breaks, also unsuccessfully, around 12:30. The police stopped the car about 10 minutes later and said "safety reasons".

Less than two hours later, the police received a call to the driver to "turn the red lights and make turns" in the northeastern Falconridge community. The officers found the same gray Hond from earlier times and were guided by the wrong way into the opposite roads across northeast Calgary.

The police tried to stop the two-door car that entered McKnight Boulevard from Stoney Trail, the location of the police vehicle in front of the coupe and other police cars on each side of the car and behind it.

When officers began to leave their cars, "the sedan was put into motion", according to ASIRT in a statement issued after the incident.

A group of serious incidents, Alberta, is investigating an officer on McKnight Boulevard shooting between 68th Street N.E. and the Stoney Trail in Calgary for Christmas. Al Charest / Postmedia

Perry's ex-boyfriend, Vincent's church, said she had had problems with alcohol and drug abuse in the past, and it was known panic when her addiction got the best of her.

"The panic may have several forms, it would cause it to escape the situation," the Church said. "It would not happen often, but the panic would come in."

"(On the day she was shot), she could have had a bad time or a bad episode, or someone threatened her or did something to make her panic," he said. "Probably she would give her a fight or flight reflection, and when she was desperate, she did not always make the right decisions."

In his statement, President Calgary police association Les Kaminski said the officers had come to work with hopes of not having to use force on other people.

"It is, however, our duty to protect the public, other officers and ourselves, that is the harsh reality of police work," he said in his statement.

"Fortunately, most policemen go all their careers without being forced to accept human life, but fate dictates that occasionally the officer may be involved in more events.

"Our citizens can have confidence because when a critical incident occurs, it is carefully scrutinized on the basis of their own merits." The work of each involved officer is carefully cut, and each case is judged independently, and the actions taken by the officers are either justified or brought to the task. the assurance that this investigation will not be different. "

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