Another Surface Laptop may have an AMD processor

With the exception of a few unpopular tablets, all of Microsoft's surface equipment was still powered by Intel processors. But that could change next year.

Brad Sams has just released a book on the history and future of Microsoft's surface products and includes, among other things, some information about Microsoft's next year plan or the like.

Sams says it includes an updated Surface Studio studio in 2020 and a restored surface notebook to be launched roughly a year – and at least some models may contain AMD chips rather than Intel processors.

It is unclear whether this means that Microsoft plans to set all-in for AMD, but the company apparently was not satisfied with how long Intel takes from 14nm to 10nm.

Meanwhile, AMD is already working on a 7nm chip and it is possible that the upcoming Surface Notebook might work on the basis of the upcoming Zen 2 architecture.

Sams says the updated Surface Studio file to be launched in 2020 may be a modular computer system, just like the upcoming Surface Hub 2. Instead of updating to a completely new Surface Studio when the processor, memory, or other specifications begin to feel, d you can unlock the old module and replace it with a newer one and at the same time use the same display, pen, and other accessories.

Further Sams Details / Forecasts include:

  • A new, thin-skin cover and USB-C support comes in the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • Andromeda's Microsoft device will look similar to Intel's "Tiger Rapids" prototypes and could be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019 … if it's ready.
  • There is some other kind of new "ambient" device in parts that could be a companion for the smartphone that Sams says "can help in typing text and navigating."

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